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A serious issue has been found with an editing workflow in ArcGIS Pro two.2 Patch two (2.two.2) that may incorrectly set feature attribute field values to “Null” and we strongly recommend this patch be uninstalled.

Do I have this patch installed ? You may have selected to download this patch from MyEsri, or you may have “Check for updates on startup” ticked on. To verify your installed version, please open ArcGIS Pro and choose About ArcGIS Pro.

How do I uninstall the patch ? In Windows, open the Manage Panel and search for “View installed updates” click this alternative. Appropriate-click ArcGIS Pro 2.two Patch two (two.2.two) and click Uninstall.

What is the Situation? Field values may be incorrectly set to Null when using the Attributes pane. This issue occurs when you choose numerous characteristics in the tree view of the Attributes pane, use the Tab essential to navigate amongst cells in the information grid, and tab via a cell that displays “(Distinct values)”.

When will Esri right the situation? ArcGIS Pro 2.2. Patch two (2.two.2) is no longer available for download. ArcGIS Pro two.2 Patch three (two.two.3) will be offered in early October, 2018, and will contain a fix for this problem as effectively as the other computer software improvements included with patches 1 and two.

Update (15/11/18) – ArcGIS Pro two.2 Patch 3 (two.2.three) has now been released, and is offered to download from MyEsri or by way of automatic computer software updates.

For the most up-to-date information on this matter, see this GeoNet post and Technical Write-up.

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