Malcolm PetermanMalcolm Peterman
15:49 30 Jan 24
Vlad sorted out my laptop quickly and expertly at a comptetive price. He gave extra advice without charge. I strongly belive he is highly competant , reliable and honest.I recommend him if you have computer problems!Malcolm P, Birmingham
Liliana FloreaLiliana Florea
15:04 11 Jan 24
🔝The best one.
Richard HobsonRichard Hobson
12:47 07 Jan 24
When the hard drive failed on my laptop I asked Vlad to take a look. He suggested replacing it with an SSD and loading a new version of the O/S. The latter proved more difficult than expected because the BIOS had been locked with an unknown password so the machine wouldn't boot from the installation media. Vlad found a way round this problem at no extra cost to me and to my delight the repaired machine was considerably faster than before because of the SSD.I've subsequently used Vlad twice more. My wife, who is disabled, needed a new laptop which would handle speech recognition software. I sent Vlad the spec and he found me a refurbished laptop which met the spec easily at a fraction of the price of a new machine. He also installed some essential software.Finally, following the considerable increase in performance of my first laptop when upgraded with a SSD I asked Vlad to do my second machine. Not only did he install the SSD he copied all of my data and reinstalled all of the programs within the quoted price.I recommend Vlad highly, he's always willing to go the extra mile and very quickly sees to any omissions or misunderstandings. I've also found him willing to advise an old customer.
Maria Laura NicolasMaria Laura Nicolas
16:56 05 Jan 24
I spent time looking for the right repair shop here in Birmingham everywhere else either had many mixed reviews or questionable reputation. Up until I came across Dr IT Services, his reviews really caught my eye and earned my trust.I came in with a laptop that overheats and a swollen battery. His diagnosis and communication was top notch, gave me options, and quoted me at a really great price compared to other places. What really stood out with me is that he really made this fix cost effective, he never once sold me/forced me on anything I didn’t need, he was very honest with what I needed. With this being my first ever repair experience I really felt comfortable with Vlad’s service.If you’re searching on Google for a trustworthy service look no further, Dr IT Service is the one!I will definitely be coming back for my future PC repair needs.
Tony BoyerTony Boyer
07:56 03 Jan 24
Fixed within 3 hours ( atMinimal cost)
Dan Alexandru PodDan Alexandru Pod
18:07 02 Dec 23
My graphics card was overheating and started to occasionally crash. After hours of research, the best solution I could find was to replace the thermal paste and the thermal pad. However, my GFX is an Aorus Extreme 3080 which uses over 20 thermal pads of 4x different thickness levels so I was reluctant to do it myself. I found Dr IT online, called Vlad and he called me over to drop off the card that same day. He was extremely knowledgeable about both the hardware and test methods I used, so we had a proper discussion about the troubleshooting steps necessary. It took him less than a day to sort it out and I'm extremely happy with the outcome. He used quality products (thermal pads and paste) to get the job done which is a MUST in my book as this hardware is expensive and needs proper attention. I recommend Dr IT for all your hardware needs! Will definitely come back again if the situation calls for it.
Vlad KelsusitVlad Kelsusit
22:35 12 Nov 23
Over time, my laptop had become slow and unresponsive. I needed an upgrade, and more importantly, a reliable computer repair service. That's when I discovered Dr IT Services. Vlad diagnosed the issue promptly, explaining the process in a language I could understand - no complicated tech jargon!What sets Dr IT Services apart is Vlad's dedication to customer satisfaction. He not only fixed my laptop but also offered useful tips on maintaining its performance. His services are a blend of expertise, efficiency, and value for money.If you're in Birmingham and searching for 'computer repair near me', look no further than Dr IT Services. I left with a laptop that felt brand new, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing I now have a go-to computer repair shop.
Elisabeth DennisElisabeth Dennis
16:43 10 Nov 23
I have had a truly wonderful experience of this service. Vlad fixed all my It issues and advised me how to enhance several aspects I asked him about and set these up for me. He went beyond the call of duty and never scrimped on his time. He was very patient in explaining things to me and the cost was very reasonable. I intend to use his services in future as I feel grateful and delighted with all the things he sorted out for me.

Expert service backed by 20+ years of experience

Software and hardware issues are the two main categories of computer failures. The most frequent software problems in PCs come on by viruses, spyware, malware, deleted files, and system or registry corruption.

In certain situations, we have to replace the part. In such cases, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional computer repair service to reinstall the necessary components.

If your computer's CPU is getting too hot, you might need to get help from a computer repair technician. They can change the thermal paste and clean the heatsink and fan. You can do this at a computer repair service.

There is NOBODY who could tell what's wrong with your computer without diagnosing it for spyware or service issues.

There could be several causes for a computer issue. For this reason, I provide a fast computer diagnosis service before performing a computer fix.

After finding the problem, I will explain it, and will provide an estimate of the cost and the time required for the repair.

I assure you that I will take good care of your computer. I provide excellent service and will take care of your computer.

I will fix your computer quickly and skillfully, no matter the brand (Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, and HP).

Common services & faults I cover:

  • Virus removals (Malware Adware and Spyware too)
  • (OS) Windows installation and configuration
  • Security and Health Check
  • Desktop hardware repairs
  • Printer / peripheral connection issues
  • The desktop does not power on
  • Power supply diagnostic replacement
  • Recover information from faulty hard disk
  • Network issues
  • System clean-up and optimization
  • System crash issues (e.g. blue screen, black screen)
  • Improving Computer's Speed and Performance
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Dust cleaning
  • Thermal paste replacement
  • No image is displayed on the monitor
  • AND the list can continue

Contents show

Identifying Common Problems & Effective Solutions

  • Regularly check for common computer problems such as slow performance, overheating, and unusual noises to address issues early.

  • Implement effective solutions like clearing temporary files, updating software, and installing antivirus programs to maintain computer health.

  • Enhance computer performance by upgrading hardware components, optimising startup programs, and cleaning the system regularly.

  • Consider specialised repair services for complex issues like hardware malfunctions, liquid damage, and motherboard repairs.

  • Explore advanced repair techniques including data recovery, circuit board soldering, and component-level diagnostics for intricate problems.

  • Prioritise software installation and security measures to protect against malware, viruses, and data breaches, ensuring a secure computing environment.

Ever been in a bind with your computer on the fritz? It’s frustrating, right? We’ve got you covered. From troubleshooting software glitches to fixing hardware issues, our team of experts is geared up to tackle all your tech troubles head-on. Whether it’s a sluggish system or a mysterious error message that’s got you stumped, we’re here to restore your device to its former glory.

Identifying Common Computer Problems

Slow Performance

Is your computer taking ages to load programs or respond to commands? Slow performance can be caused by various factors, such as too many startup applications, insufficient RAM, or a fragmented hard drive. By identifying and resolving these issues, you can significantly improve your computer’s speed. For instance, removing unnecessary startup programs and clearing up disk space can help boost performance. Optimising the system settings and running regular maintenance tasks like disk defragmentation can also contribute to faster response times.

One of the most common causes of sluggish performance is the presence of viruses and malware on your computer. These harmful entities not only slow down your system but also pose significant security risks. Therefore, it’s crucial to detect and eliminate any virus infections promptly. Using reputable antivirus software and conducting thorough scans can help in this regard. Moreover, ensuring that your operating system and security software are up-to-date is essential for protecting your computer from potential threats.

Virus Infections

Troubleshooting network problems becomes crucial. Whether you’re facing Wi-Fi connection issues or encountering difficulties with internet connectivity, addressing connectivity issues is vital for seamless communication between devices. Troubleshooting these problems involves checking hardware connections like cables or wireless adapters as well as examining router settings or modem configurations.

Hardware failures are another common problem encountered by computer users; however diagnosing and repairing malfunctioning hardware components requires technical expertise in some cases. When encountering hardware failures, replacing faulty parts with high-quality alternatives is essential for optimal performance while conducting thorough inspections ensures long-term reliability.

Software malfunctions often lead to frustrating user experiences when using a computer; thus addressing them effectively becomes necessary for smooth operations. For example updating or reinstalling problematic software applications helps resolve errors effectively while ensuring compatibility & stability of installed programs contributes towards preventing future malfunctions.

Effective Solutions for Common Issues

Virus Removal

The focus is on utilizing advanced tools and performing comprehensive scans. By using sophisticated software, technicians can identify and eliminate viruses and malware that may be lurking in a computer system. These tools are designed to detect even the most hidden infections, ensuring complete protection for the device.

Expert virus removal services go beyond just deleting infected files; they delve deep into the system to remove all traces of infections. This thorough approach guarantees that no remnants of harmful programs remain, safeguarding the computer from potential future threats.

For instance:

  • Advanced antivirus programs like Avast or Norton are employed to conduct extensive scans.

  • Malware removal tools such as Malwarebytes help eradicate malicious software effectively.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning involves fine-tuning system settings and optimising resource allocation. By adjusting various parameters within the operating system, technicians enhance the overall performance of a computer. This process ensures smoother operation and improved responsiveness when executing tasks.

Optimising resource allocation plays a crucial role in enhancing performance by allocating resources more efficiently among running applications. This results in faster response times and reduced lag during multitasking or resource-intensive activities.

For example:

  • Adjusting startup programs helps speed up boot time.

  • Optimising RAM usage improves overall system responsiveness.

Hardware Repairs

Skilled technicians proficiently diagnose and repair damaged or non-functional hardware components within computers. Whether it’s a faulty hard drive, malfunctioning graphics card, or problematic power supply unit, these experts possess the knowledge and expertise needed to restore hardware functionality to its optimal state.

By offering reliable repairs for various hardware issues, these professionals ensure that users can continue using their devices without disruptions caused by hardware malfunctions.

Examples include:

  • Repairing or replacing a faulty motherboard.

  • Fixing issues related to overheating by cleaning internal components thoroughly.

Software Troubleshooting

In software troubleshooting, technicians efficiently identify and resolve software-related problems while providing effective solutions for diverse challenges faced by users. Whether it’s resolving conflicts between different software applications or addressing compatibility issues with specific programs, these experts possess an array of techniques at their disposal to tackle any software-related issue.

Efficiently identifying underlying causes allows them to swiftly implement solutions that restore normal functionality without compromising data integrity or security.

For instance:

  • Resolving conflicts between antivirus programs causing slowdowns.

  • Addressing compatibility issues with newly installed applications.

Enhancing Computer Performance

Optimising Speed

To optimise the speed of your computer, consider implementing strategies that focus on maximising system speed and responsiveness. This can be achieved by removing unnecessary startup programs, running regular disk cleanups, and ensuring that the operating system is updated. By doing so, you can enhance the overall performance of your computer through various speed optimisation techniques. For instance, clearing temporary files and defragmenting the hard drive are effective ways to ensure swift and efficient operation of the computer system.

Another way to improve speed is by upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) from a traditional hard disk drive (HDD). An SSD offers faster read/write speeds, which significantly enhances overall system performance. Increasing the Random Access Memory (RAM) capacity can help in improving multitasking capabilities and speeding up data processing.

Upgrading Components

Upgrading hardware components is an essential aspect of enhancing computer performance. By strategically upgrading components such as the processor, graphics card, or adding more RAM modules, you can significantly improve your computer’s functionality. These upgrades elevate system capabilities and allow for smoother multitasking operations.

For example:

  • Replacing an older CPU with a newer model featuring higher clock speeds and more cores can lead to improved overall performance.

  • Installing a high-performance graphics card enables better handling of graphic-intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing.

  • Adding more RAM modules allows for greater memory bandwidth which results in faster data access times.

Preventing Overheating

Implementing measures to prevent overheating issues in your computer is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Ensuring proper ventilation within the computer case through well-positioned fans helps control internal temperatures effectively. Moreover, using cooling pads beneath laptops during usage aids in dissipating heat efficiently while protecting sensitive internal components from potential heat-related damage.

It’s important not to obstruct air vents on desktops or laptops as this could lead to inadequate airflow causing overheating issues. Regularly cleaning dust buildup inside computers also plays a significant role in preventing overheating problems.

Specialised Repair Services

Network Solutions

Expert technicians are equipped to tackle various networking challenges. They optimise network configurations, ensuring seamless connectivity for all devices. Troubleshooting network issues is crucial for maintaining smooth operations.

For instance, if a business experiences slow internet speeds or intermittent connection problems, a professional computer repair service can identify and resolve these issues promptly. By addressing these concerns effectively, the service provider ensures that the network operates efficiently.

Moreover, they offer tailored solutions for specific networking requirements. For example, they may recommend hardware upgrades or software adjustments to enhance overall network performance. This proactive approach helps prevent potential disruptions and ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

PC Maintenance

PC maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the optimal performance of computers. Regular maintenance routines keep PCs running smoothly and help prevent potential hardware or software failures.

Professional computer repair services offer comprehensive maintenance packages tailored to individual needs. These packages include regular system checks, updates, and cleaning procedures designed to eliminate dust buildup and maintain internal components at their best condition.

By engaging in routine maintenance activities such as disk cleanup, defragmentation, and software updates, users can extend the lifespan of their PCs while enjoying consistent performance levels over time. Professional technicians have the expertise to conduct thorough diagnostics and address any underlying issues before they escalate into major problems.

Custom PC Building

In addition to repairs and maintenance services, some providers specialise in custom PC building tailored to specific user requirements. This involves assembling high-quality components based on individual preferences such as gaming capabilities or graphic design needs.

For example, individuals seeking powerful gaming rigs with advanced graphics cards may benefit from custom-built PCs designed specifically for gaming purposes. The attention given by professionals when building personalised computers ensures that each component is carefully selected and installed according to exact specifications provided by clients.

Advanced Repair Techniques

Hard Drive Upgrade

One of the advanced techniques offered is the hard drive upgrade. This involves enhancing a computer’s storage capacity and speed by installing advanced hard drive options. For instance, if a customer needs more space for storing files or faster data access, upgrading their hard drive can significantly improve performance. Efficient hard drive upgrade services ensure that customers experience seamless transitions and enhanced computing capabilities.

The benefits of a hard drive upgrade are substantial. Customers can enjoy increased storage space for photos, videos, documents, and applications without compromising on speed. For example, replacing an old hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid-state drive (SSD) not only boosts storage but also accelerates system boot-up times and application loading speeds.

  • Pros:

  • Enhanced storage capacity

  • Improved data access speed

  • Seamless transition process

  • Cons:

  • Additional cost involved

  • Data backup may be required before the upgrade

GPU and CPU Upgrade

Another advanced repair technique in computer repair is the GPU and CPU upgrade. By enhancing graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs), visual quality and overall processing power can be significantly improved. Installing high-performance GPUs and CPUs ensures that customers experience superior computing capabilities for tasks such as gaming, video editing, or graphic design.

The advantages of a GPU and CPU upgrade are noteworthy. Upgrading these components can lead to smoother gameplay experiences in gaming PCs or faster rendering times in professional workstations like those used for video editing or animation production.

  • Key Information:

  • Enhanced visual quality

  • Superior processing power

  • Improved performance for specific tasks

Motherboard Replacement

In addition to hard drive upgrades and GPU/CPU enhancements, another critical aspect of advanced computer repair is motherboard replacement. Expert technicians carefully replace motherboards with precision to ensure seamless integration into existing systems while offering reliable replacement services.

Replacing a motherboard has its advantages such as enabling compatibility with newer processors or providing additional features like USB-C connectivity or faster RAM support.

Software Installation and Security

Windows Configuration

One crucial aspect is configuring Windows settings for optimal performance. This involves customising the operating system according to individual preferences. For instance, adjusting power settings, managing startup programs, and optimising visual effects can significantly enhance a computer’s speed and efficiency.

Expert configuration services are tailored to meet specific needs. Whether it’s setting up user accounts, managing network connections, or fine-tuning system updates, these customisations ensure that the computer operates seamlessly in line with the user’s requirements. For example, if someone uses their computer primarily for gaming purposes, the technician can configure the system to prioritise graphics performance and allocate resources accordingly.

In addition to enhancing performance through configuration, security checks play a vital role in computer repair. Thorough security evaluations help identify vulnerabilities within the system that could potentially compromise data or expose the device to cyber threats. By conducting comprehensive assessments of antivirus software effectiveness and firewall configurations among other aspects of security protocols ensures robust protection against potential threats.

Security Checks

Strengthening system security requires addressing identified vulnerabilities effectively. By implementing measures such as installing critical updates promptly and enhancing password policies with multifactor authentication where necessary mitigates risks associated with cyber-attacks like malware infections or unauthorized access attempts.

Moreover, ensuring robust protection involves educating users about safe browsing habits and best practices for identifying phishing attempts or suspicious links helps fortify overall cybersecurity posture. Educating users about recognising social engineering tactics employed by malicious actors further enhances their ability to safeguard personal information from being compromised.

Troubleshooting Startup and Crash Issues

Desktop computers may encounter various power-related issues that can disrupt their normal operation. These problems could stem from faulty power supplies, loose connections, or electrical issues. By diagnosing these problems accurately, computer repair technicians can efficiently fix the power supply issues to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the desktop computer. Prompt solutions for desktop power disruptions are essential to prevent data loss and hardware damage.

Efficiently addressing these power-related problems is crucial in ensuring the smooth running of a desktop computer. For instance, if a user experiences sudden shutdowns or unexplained system failures, it could be due to an underlying issue with the power supply. By offering prompt solutions and conducting thorough diagnostics, technicians can effectively resolve these disruptions and restore the system’s stability.

System Crash Solutions – Troubleshoot system crashes with precision and expertise

System crashes can lead to data loss and hinder productivity; therefore, it’s vital for computer repair experts to possess the necessary skills to troubleshoot such issues accurately. After identifying the root cause of a system crash—whether it’s due to software conflicts or hardware malfunctions—they must recover any lost data by employing effective recovery techniques.

Recovering data after a system crash requires expertise in using specialised tools and software designed for this purpose. Once recovered, they should restore system functionality by rectifying any corrupted files or settings that led to the crash initially. Moreover, providing effective solutions aimed at preventing future crashes is equally important as it ensures long-term stability for users’ systems.

Screen Problems – Address screen malfunctions such as flickering or blank displays

Screen malfunctions like flickering screens or blank displays can significantly impede users’ ability to use their computers effectively. Repairing or replacing damaged screens with high-quality replacements is essential in restoring full functionality without compromising on visual quality.

Promptly resolving various screen-related issues ensures that users experience minimal downtime when encountering such problems. Whether it’s adjusting display settings, repairing minor damages on-screen surfaces, or replacing malfunctioning components within monitors—the ability to address these concerns promptly contributes significantly towards overall customer satisfaction.

Expertise in iMac and Apple Repairs

Apple Computer Repairs

Our expertise lies in providing specialised solutions tailored specifically for Apple devices. From handling hardware issues like malfunctioning keyboards or trackpads to resolving software glitches such as system crashes, we are adept at addressing a wide range of problems unique to Apple products. Our skilled technicians understand the intricacies of iMacs and other Apple computers, ensuring that every repair is carried out with precision and care.

Our team’s skilful handling of both hardware and software issues on Apple devices sets us apart from general computer repair services. For instance, when an iMac encounters a hardware issue like a faulty display or a software problem such as slow performance, our specialists possess the know-how to diagnose the root cause accurately. This enables them to deliver reliable repairs exclusively designed for Apple products, ensuring that each device receives customised attention based on its specific requirements.

In addition to troubleshooting startup and crash issues discussed earlier, our expertise extends further into repairing various components of iMacs and other Apple computers. Whether it’s replacing damaged screens or upgrading memory modules for enhanced performance, we have the proficiency needed to address diverse hardware concerns effectively. Moreover, when confronted with software-related challenges like operating system errors or application malfunctions, our team possesses the necessary skills to rectify these issues efficiently.

Local and Mobile Repair Services

Same Day Service

Quick turnaround times are crucial. Customers often require urgent solutions, especially for their work or study needs. Local and mobile repair services can offer the convenience of same-day service, ensuring that customers’ urgent repair needs are met promptly. For instance, if a customer’s laptop suddenly stops working the day before an important presentation, they would greatly benefit from a same-day service that swiftly resolves the issue.

Trusted technicians play a vital role in delivering efficient same-day service for computer repairs. Their experience and expertise allow them to diagnose and fix issues promptly without compromising on quality. By prioritising quick turnaround times, these technicians ensure that customers can rely on them for timely resolutions when facing urgent technical problems with their devices.

Trusted Technicians

In the realm of phone and computer repairs, relying on experienced technicians with a proven track record is essential. These professionals dedicate themselves to delivering exceptional service by leveraging their expertise in diagnosing and fixing various technical issues efficiently. For example, reputable technicians known for their reliability can quickly identify hardware or software problems in smartphones or laptops.

Choosing trusted technicians ensures that customers receive high-quality repairs from reliable professionals who have built a strong reputation in the industry. This reliability instils confidence in customers as they entrust their valuable devices to these experts for swift resolutions.

Final Remarks

You’ve gained valuable insights into common computer problems and effective solutions. From enhancing performance to specialised repair services, you now have the knowledge to tackle various issues. Whether it’s troubleshooting startup problems or seeking expert iMac repairs, you’re equipped to make informed decisions about your computer’s maintenance.

Don’t let these insights gather dust! Take action today to address any lingering computer issues. Stay proactive in maintaining your device’s health and seek professional help when needed. Your computer will thank you for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common computer problems that may require repair?

Computers often face issues like slow performance, frequent crashes, and software malfunctions. These can stem from hardware failures or software conflicts. Identifying the root cause is crucial for effective repairs.

How can I enhance my computer’s performance?

Regular maintenance such as disk cleanup, software updates, and malware scans can significantly improve your computer’s speed and responsiveness. Upgrading hardware components like RAM or storage drives can further boost performance.

Do you offer specialised repair services for specific brands or models?

Yes, we provide expertise in repairing iMacs and other Apple products. Our technicians are trained to handle intricate repairs unique to these devices, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all your Apple-related issues.

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