Caroline LeonardCaroline Leonard
19:16 24 Feb 24
Friendly, efficient service at a great price! Strongly recommend.
Malcolm PetermanMalcolm Peterman
15:49 30 Jan 24
Vlad sorted out my laptop quickly and expertly at a comptetive price. He gave extra advice without charge. I strongly belive he is highly competant , reliable and honest.I recommend him if you have computer problems!Malcolm P, Birmingham
Liliana FloreaLiliana Florea
15:04 11 Jan 24
🔝The best one.
Richard HobsonRichard Hobson
12:47 07 Jan 24
When the hard drive failed on my laptop I asked Vlad to take a look. He suggested replacing it with an SSD and loading a new version of the O/S. The latter proved more difficult than expected because the BIOS had been locked with an unknown password so the machine wouldn't boot from the installation media. Vlad found a way round this problem at no extra cost to me and to my delight the repaired machine was considerably faster than before because of the SSD.I've subsequently used Vlad twice more. My wife, who is disabled, needed a new laptop which would handle speech recognition software. I sent Vlad the spec and he found me a refurbished laptop which met the spec easily at a fraction of the price of a new machine. He also installed some essential software.Finally, following the considerable increase in performance of my first laptop when upgraded with a SSD I asked Vlad to do my second machine. Not only did he install the SSD he copied all of my data and reinstalled all of the programs within the quoted price.I recommend Vlad highly, he's always willing to go the extra mile and very quickly sees to any omissions or misunderstandings. I've also found him willing to advise an old customer.
Maria Laura NicolasMaria Laura Nicolas
16:56 05 Jan 24
I spent time looking for the right repair shop here in Birmingham everywhere else either had many mixed reviews or questionable reputation. Up until I came across Dr IT Services, his reviews really caught my eye and earned my trust.I came in with a laptop that overheats and a swollen battery. His diagnosis and communication was top notch, gave me options, and quoted me at a really great price compared to other places. What really stood out with me is that he really made this fix cost effective, he never once sold me/forced me on anything I didn’t need, he was very honest with what I needed. With this being my first ever repair experience I really felt comfortable with Vlad’s service.If you’re searching on Google for a trustworthy service look no further, Dr IT Service is the one!I will definitely be coming back for my future PC repair needs.
Tony BoyerTony Boyer
07:56 03 Jan 24
Fixed within 3 hours ( atMinimal cost)
Dan Alexandru PodDan Alexandru Pod
18:07 02 Dec 23
My graphics card was overheating and started to occasionally crash. After hours of research, the best solution I could find was to replace the thermal paste and the thermal pad. However, my GFX is an Aorus Extreme 3080 which uses over 20 thermal pads of 4x different thickness levels so I was reluctant to do it myself. I found Dr IT online, called Vlad and he called me over to drop off the card that same day. He was extremely knowledgeable about both the hardware and test methods I used, so we had a proper discussion about the troubleshooting steps necessary. It took him less than a day to sort it out and I'm extremely happy with the outcome. He used quality products (thermal pads and paste) to get the job done which is a MUST in my book as this hardware is expensive and needs proper attention. I recommend Dr IT for all your hardware needs! Will definitely come back again if the situation calls for it.
Vlad KelsusitVlad Kelsusit
22:35 12 Nov 23
Over time, my laptop had become slow and unresponsive. I needed an upgrade, and more importantly, a reliable computer repair service. That's when I discovered Dr IT Services. Vlad diagnosed the issue promptly, explaining the process in a language I could understand - no complicated tech jargon!What sets Dr IT Services apart is Vlad's dedication to customer satisfaction. He not only fixed my laptop but also offered useful tips on maintaining its performance. His services are a blend of expertise, efficiency, and value for money.If you're in Birmingham and searching for 'computer repair near me', look no further than Dr IT Services. I left with a laptop that felt brand new, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing I now have a go-to computer repair shop.
Elisabeth DennisElisabeth Dennis
16:43 10 Nov 23
I have had a truly wonderful experience of this service. Vlad fixed all my It issues and advised me how to enhance several aspects I asked him about and set these up for me. He went beyond the call of duty and never scrimped on his time. He was very patient in explaining things to me and the cost was very reasonable. I intend to use his services in future as I feel grateful and delighted with all the things he sorted out for me.

Expert service backed by 20+ years of experience

Software and hardware issues are the two main categories of failures that require computer repair services. The most frequent software problems in PCs come on by viruses, spyware, malware, deleted files, and system or registry corruption.

In certain situations, we have to replace the part. In such cases, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional computer repair service to reinstall the necessary components.

If your computer's CPU is getting too hot, you might need to get help from a computer repair technician. They can change the thermal paste and clean the heatsink and fan. You can do this at a computer repair service.

There is NOBODY who could tell what's wrong with your computer without diagnosing it for spyware or service issues.

There could be several causes for a computer issue. For this reason, I provide a fast computer diagnosis service before performing a computer fix.

After finding the problem, I will explain it, and will provide an estimate of the cost and the time required for the repair.

I assure you that I will take good care of your computer. I provide excellent service and will take care of your computer.

I will fix your computer quickly and skillfully, no matter the brand (Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, and HP).

Common services & faults I cover:

  • Virus removals (Malware Adware and Spyware too)
  • (OS) Windows installation and configuration
  • Security and Health Check
  • Desktop hardware repairs
  • Printer / peripheral connection issues
  • The desktop does not power on
  • Power supply diagnostic replacement
  • Recover information from faulty hard disk
  • Network issues
  • System clean-up and optimization
  • System crash issues (e.g. blue screen, black screen)
  • Improving Computer's Speed and Performance
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Dust cleaning
  • Thermal paste replacement
  • No image is displayed on the monitor
  • AND the list can continue

In the vibrant city of Birmingham, the need for skilled computer repair services is evident, leading to the presence of establishments like Dr IT Services. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the expertise provided by such companies is essential for maintaining the efficiency of personal and business computer systems. Dr IT Services leads the computer repair industry in Birmingham, offering tailored solutions to address the complex challenges faced by modern computer users. This discussion delves into what distinguishes these services, empowering individuals to make informed choices in today’s fast-paced digital world.

With technology advancing swiftly, Birmingham’s computer users rely on proficient repair services to keep their systems running smoothly. Dr IT Services stands out as a go-to option for addressing a variety of computer issues, ensuring that individuals and businesses can operate without disruptions. The company’s expertise and tailored solutions cater to the diverse needs of clients, making them a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of computer repair.

The demand for reliable computer repair services in Birmingham highlights the importance of choosing a reputable provider like Dr IT Services. By offering a range of solutions and expert assistance, the company plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals and businesses can overcome technical challenges effectively. As technology continues to play a central role in daily operations, having access to reliable repair services becomes increasingly vital for maintaining productivity and efficiency.

In a bustling city like Birmingham, where technology drives progress, the role of computer repair services cannot be overstated. Dr IT Services’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets a high standard in the industry, making them a top choice for anyone seeking reliable and efficient computer repair solutions. By choosing a trusted provider like Dr IT Services, individuals and businesses can navigate the complexities of the digital world with confidence and peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

The computer repair industry in Birmingham is well-served by reliable providers like Dr IT Services. With a wealth of experience, a wide range of services, and a commitment to quality and affordability, Dr IT Services is a top choice for individuals and businesses looking for effective solutions to their computer problems.

Dr IT Services excels in both hardware and software troubleshooting, offers custom PC assembly, and provides proactive maintenance services. This makes them a compelling option for anyone in need of reliable and efficient computer repair services. Choosing the right repair service is crucial, and Dr IT Services is a trusted name in Birmingham for all your computer repair needs.

Birmingham’s Computer Repair Landscape

tech services in birmingham

Birmingham’s computer repair industry offers a wide array of services, from fixing laptops and recovering data to removing viruses and maintaining printers. The city serves as a hub for tech support, with skilled technicians providing efficient and dependable services tailored to the changing needs of individuals and local businesses. Many repair shops in Birmingham prioritize convenience by offering same-day service for urgent computer issues, minimizing disruptions for users and businesses.

Specialized repairs set Birmingham’s computer repair sector apart, with services like rapid laptop repairs, data recovery, Apple iMac setup, bespoke computers, and quick laptop cleanups meeting specific demands. The industry also caters to local businesses with tailored services such as accounting computer support and iPad and laptop repairs, showcasing its adaptability and dedication to supporting the local economy.

Services Offered by Dr IT Services

Dr IT Services, established by Vlad Tabaranu, offers a wide array of computer repair solutions, including virus removal, data recovery, and hardware upgrades, catering to the needs of Birmingham’s residents and businesses. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Dr IT Services stands out as a key player in the IT support and computer repair sector. Their exceptional service quality was acknowledged with the Corporate LiveWires Birmingham Prestige Award in 2019.

The services at Dr IT Services are crafted to tackle both common and intricate computer issues prevalent today. These services encompass:

  1. Virus and Malware Removal: Utilizing advanced methods to eradicate harmful software and fortify systems against future threats.
  2. Data Recovery: Providing dependable solutions to retrieve lost or inaccessible data from damaged or failing storage devices.
  3. Hardware Upgrades: Boosting computer performance by installing the latest hardware components.
  4. Custom PC Building: Tailoring computers to meet users’ specific requirements, be it for gaming, professional tasks, or general use.

Common Computer Repairs Needed

computer repairs frequently required

Understanding the range of services provided by Dr IT Services lays a strong foundation for identifying the common computer repairs frequently required by residents and businesses in Birmingham. Among these, virus removal stands out as a crucial service, reflecting the constant threat of malicious software that can compromise both personal and business computers. Effective virus removal not only eliminates the immediate threat but also protects data and ensures smooth system operation.

Another vital service is data recovery, which addresses situations where essential information is lost or inaccessible due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, or software issues. This service underscores the significance of professional expertise in recovering lost data, which can be critical for individuals and businesses alike.

Printer maintenance is also in high demand, highlighting the continuous need for physical document production and the challenges of keeping printing equipment in top condition. This service covers everything from resolving paper jams to addressing ink-related issues, ensuring that printers remain reliable tools for communication and documentation.

Laptop screen replacements and power socket repairs are also among the frequently required services. These repairs tackle physical damage and wear-and-tear, guaranteeing that devices continue to function as necessary.

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

Hardware repairs and upgrades are essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your computer. In Birmingham, expert service providers like Dr IT Services offer a range of solutions to address hardware issues and enhance your device’s capabilities effectively.

Key interventions in hardware repairs and upgrades include:

  1. Component Repair and Replacement: Expert technicians can fix or replace critical parts like motherboards, RAM, hard drives, and power supplies to ensure your computer functions optimally.
  2. Performance Enhancements: Upgrading components such as processors, memory, and graphics cards can significantly boost your computer’s performance, allowing it to handle more demanding tasks and extending its lifespan.
  3. Cooling System Maintenance: Addressing overheating problems by repairing or improving cooling systems is vital for the reliability and longevity of your hardware.
  4. Diagnostic Services: Skilled professionals use advanced tools to diagnose hardware issues accurately. They provide tailored repair or upgrade recommendations based on your device’s specific needs.

These services are crucial for enhancing efficiency and extending the lifespan of your computer, ensuring that you can continue to use your device effectively for years to come.

Software Troubleshooting Solutions

technical problem solving for software

After addressing hardware repairs and upgrades, it is crucial to focus on software troubleshooting solutions to enhance computer performance and resolve operational issues effectively. In Birmingham, skilled professionals in computer repair offer comprehensive software troubleshooting services essential for ensuring smooth computer functioning. These technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and resolve a wide array of software-related issues efficiently.

Software troubleshooting involves tasks such as virus removal, operating system repairs, and software installations. Experienced professionals adeptly manage software conflicts, driver issues, and application errors, ensuring optimal performance of the computer’s software environment. Their systematic approach focuses on pinpointing the root cause to prevent future occurrences.

In addition, these experts prioritize a quick turnaround time for software troubleshooting. They understand the significance of minimizing downtime, allowing users to resume their daily activities with a seamlessly operating computer. Their goal extends beyond fixing immediate problems to enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the computer, showcasing a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction in the realm of software troubleshooting in Birmingham.

Custom PC Building Insights

Custom PC building is gaining popularity as more people seek tailored systems to meet their specific needs and preferences in high-performance computing.

  1. Enhanced Performance: Building a custom PC allows users to select top-tier components tailored to their tasks, whether it’s gaming, video editing, or other demanding applications, ensuring optimal performance where it matters most.
  2. Flexibility and Future-Proofing: A key advantage of custom PCs is their adaptability to future advancements. Users can easily upgrade or replace components to keep their systems up to date with the latest technology, extending the lifespan of their setup.
  3. Personalization and Style: Custom builders have the freedom to create systems that not only perform well but also reflect their unique style. From minimalist designs to intricate setups with custom lighting, the aesthetic possibilities are endless.
  4. Quality Assurance and Compatibility: By handpicking each component, builders guarantee a system composed of high-quality parts from reputable brands, reducing the risk of compatibility issues and ensuring a stable and reliable performance.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

protect your home s value

Implementing preventative maintenance measures is crucial to ensure your computer’s longevity and optimal performance. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your device but also enhances its efficiency, preventing common issues that can lead to costly repairs.

A key aspect of effective maintenance is the physical care of your computer. Dust build-up is a leading cause of overheating, so it’s essential to clean the keyboard, mouse, and monitor regularly. This simple action can significantly improve your computer’s thermal management.

Installing and consistently updating antivirus software is equally important. This defends your system against malicious software, ensuring your computer’s security and integrity. In today’s digital age, cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, making updated antivirus protection a non-negotiable part of computer maintenance.

Keeping your operating system and all installed software up to date is vital. These updates often include crucial security patches and performance enhancements that can protect your computer from vulnerabilities and improve its functionality.

Data is invaluable, and regular backups to external storage devices or cloud services safeguard against data loss due to hardware malfunctions or cyber-attacks. Finally, maintaining a clean environment by avoiding eating or drinking near your computer can prevent accidental spills, safeguarding your hardware components from potential damage.

Choosing the Right Repair Service

Selecting the right computer repair service in Birmingham requires careful consideration of several important factors to ensure your needs are met efficiently. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to find a service that not only resolves your immediate issues but also supports your long-term technological well-being and security.

To make an informed choice, here are key aspects to consider:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Opt for a service with a proven track record, backed by years of operation and a wide range of technical knowledge. Services with over 21 years of experience bring valuable problem-solving skills to the table.
  2. Customer Satisfaction and Reviews: High customer ratings and positive feedback offer insight into the reliability and effectiveness of the service. Reputable services are often praised for their professionalism and the quality of their repairs.
  3. Service Guarantees: A ‘No Fix No Fee’ guarantee demonstrates confidence in their ability to resolve issues, giving you peace of mind about the service provided.
  4. Availability for Urgent Needs: Same-day service options are essential for addressing urgent repairs, ensuring minimal downtime and a quick resolution to your computer problems.

Choosing a computer repair service is a significant decision. By prioritising these factors, you can find a service that best meets your requirements, ensuring a satisfactory resolution to your computer issues.

Contacting Dr IT Services

seeking it support services

Seeking efficient computer repair services in Birmingham? Look no further than Dr IT Services. Founded by Vlad Tabaranu in 2000, this reputable company has garnered recognition for its swift and cost-effective IT solutions, winning the Corporate LiveWires Birmingham Prestige Awards in 2019.

Located at 415 Court Oak Road, Harborne, Birmingham B32 2DX, UK, Dr IT Services boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in virus removal, data recovery, and hardware upgrades, their team is known for its friendly and professional approach. Whether you’re dealing with common issues or complex problems, Dr IT Services is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring client satisfaction.

When you engage with Dr IT Services, you can expect not only a resolution to your computer woes but also a seamless experience marked by expertise and professionalism. Contact them today for all your computer repair needs in Birmingham and experience their exceptional service firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It to Repair a Computer?

When deciding whether to repair a computer, it’s essential to compare the costs of repairs with the expenses of replacement. Professional services can efficiently deal with hardware and software issues at a reasonable cost, often making repairs a cost-effective option instead of buying a new device.

Is It Safe to Take Your Computer to a Repair Shop?

Taking your computer to a reputable repair shop is generally safe in the UK. Skilled technicians utilise specialised tools for secure repairs, following strict protocols to safeguard your data and device. This ensures confidentiality and the return of a fully operational computer.

How Much Does It Cost for a Broken Computer?

The cost of fixing a faulty computer can vary significantly depending on the extent of the damage, parts needed, and labour involved. Repair services can range from simple virus removal to complex hardware replacements, impacting the overall cost.

Is It Cheaper to Fix a Laptop?

Repairing a laptop is usually more cost-effective than buying a new one, especially for minor issues. The expenses can vary depending on the type of repair needed but can lead to significant savings compared to the alternative of purchasing a replacement device.


The computer repair sector in Birmingham benefits from reliable providers like Dr IT Services. Known for their extensive experience, diverse services, and a focus on quality and affordability, Dr IT Services emerges as a comprehensive choice for individuals and businesses seeking effective solutions for their computer issues.

With expertise in both hardware and software troubleshooting, as well as offering custom PC assembly and proactive maintenance, Dr IT Services presents a compelling option for those in need of dependable and efficient computer repair services. Making the right choice in repair services is vital, and Dr IT Services stands out as a trusted option in Birmingham.

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