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Professional data recovery service is undoubtedly the means of retrieving lost, inaccessible, corrupt or formatted data from different storage devices including Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives(SSD) and other portable data drives. It is cost-effective, time-saving and productive means of data recovery. A data recovery company can be hired to retrieve deleted files, recycle bin files, lost emails and other data. This article highlights the main ways in which data recovery companies work.

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The data recovery company searches for the missing files using various methods depending upon the causes of data loss. When data loss is due to logical problems, the data recovery service providers look for physical or logical errors like bad sectors on hard drives, bad sectors on physical drives, improper partitioning, missing drive id’s and so on. Sometimes, the data loss is due to a combination of these reasons. In worst case scenarios, data recovery service providers carry out a full disk check up on both the new and old storage device to identify the cause of data loss.

Data recovery from physical media is done by the service providers through various techniques such as refilling, overwriting, re-partitioning, defragging and others. Data recovery from media devices like floppy disks, CD ROMs, floppy diskettes, etc, is done through mechanical methods. This recovery method is known as refilling method, which means that, the data recovery companies refills a media device with new data.

The data recovery from electronic media devices like CD ROMs, floppy drives, etc, is done through logical processes. Logical methods are used when data recovery from such devices is to be carried out after formatting, virus attack, unintentional deletion, unintentional rewrite or overwriting of data, and so on. The logical recovery technique is known as Smart Recovery.

Data recovery from physical hard drive recovery is also done through different techniques. In this technique, data is recovered by looking for plain text files, audio files, video files, images, video clips, sound files and so on. The data recovery service providers use scanning, binary searching and other scanning methods to locate the recovered data. There are some companies who offer total data recovery from both logical and physical media. When data recovery from physical media like tapes, disks, CD ROMs, etc is to be carried out, special software is used.

Digital Forensics or data recovery using high end digital imaging techniques is another important form of data recovery from physical media. The digital forensics professionals use different scanning techniques, extract data, and perform other important operations to retrieve lost data. Apart from this, other computer programs or tools are also used to recover data. The professionals also use different tools and techniques for efficient and successful data recovery. This includes correcting and indexing of the data, eliminating files and folders, classifying the recovered data according to its location in the hard drive, and so on.

Besides, in-lab recovery process also includes data manipulation and repair. Many data recovery software programs are available to automate various operations in the laboratory. Some tools even allow users to restore data that is deleted on computer devices. The in-lab recovery is done by the professionals with adequate training. However, it may not be possible in some cases.

Therefore, you have to take special precautions to recover data that has been lost due to a computer crash, hard drive failure or virus attack. You should immediately look for an experienced data recovery service provider when you face any problem like data recovery software deleted files. You should check the reasons behind the problem. If the problem can be easily solved by your own, try to recover the data that has been accidentally deleted from your drive.

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