Good Ways to Recover Deleted Documents on Your Computer

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What is the Future of a Computer Repair Service?
January 2, 2023
computer repair service
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January 3, 2023
computer repair service
What is the Future of a Computer Repair Service?
January 2, 2023
computer repair service
Computer maintenance routine
January 3, 2023
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There are several different ways to recover deleted documents on your computer. You can do this using a variety of tools, including Disk Drill, AutoRecovery, Stellar Data Recovery, and Windows backup software. It’s important to consider these options carefully because they are very powerful and can be used to recover any kind of files.


If you want to recover your deleted document, the Word AutoRecover feature is a great way to do it. In the rare instance that a Word file is not saved, it can still be opened, but you will have to be diligent about saving your work.

The Microsoft Office Recovery Wizard can scan lost data and preview recoverable files. You can choose to limit your scan results to Word documents, or select a safe location for your recovered files. It’s important to start the recovery process as soon as possible.

Word can also be used to find and retrieve unsaved documents through the Recycle Bin. However, this function only works if you have a backup drive connected to your computer. Alternatively, you can try a third-party application.

There are many ways to recover a lost document, but the best and most straightforward option is to simply recover it from its original location. This is done by right-clicking on a document and putting it back.

To find the file, open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the folder where your document is located. For Mac users, you’ll need to use the Finder tool. Once in Finder, click the “Go to Folder” menu. From the navigation pane, click on the Recycle Bin.

After selecting a folder, you can then open your document. When it opens, you will see the Word AutoRecover feature. Depending on how you have configured the library, you may see more than one of these files.

One cool feature is that SharePoint in Microsoft 365 can show you all of the historical versions of a document. Similarly, you can find and restore the most recently deleted version of a document.

File recovery programs

If you’ve deleted documents from your computer, a good file recovery program can help you restore your files. These programs are used to scan your hard drive or USB drive for lost files. They often recover entire folders and files in some cases.

Many different file types can be recovered, including pictures, documents, and videos. Files can be lost due to hardware failure, cyber crime, or software malfunction.

The best recovery programs will allow you to preview your lost files before you actually recover them. This is an important feature to have. You want to make sure the program has a high-speed scanning mode, a preview feature, and the ability to recover data from failing devices.

Another feature to look for is a secure delete option. The ability to delete a file completely can be very useful. It can prevent new files from replacing your old one.

Lastly, you should be able to choose a software that is compatible with your operating system. Older versions of Windows might have issues with some of these programs, so you’ll want to choose one that works on the latest version of your OS.

EaseUS is another great option to choose. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to recover your files. The software supports a variety of file types, including photos, video, and program files. You can also scan scannable drives for lost files.

Some programs are able to scan the contents of your computer for “file signatures” — common patterns that help these programs recognize and recover certain types of data on your disk. For instance, most MP3 files start with a “ID3” string.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a great tool to use if you want to recover deleted documents. It is free to try and works with most file types. However, you may want to upgrade to one of the Pro or Enterprise versions if you need more features.

In the free version, Disk Drill can recover up to 500MB of data. This may be less than you are used to, but it is still quite an amount. You can select the drive that you want to scan and the location where you would like the recovered files to be stored.

The Drive Backup feature is a good way to ensure that the data you recover is protected. Disk Drill will take a snapshot of the disk and store it in an image format. After you have selected the storage device, you can go into Windows Explorer and choose the location where you’d like to restore the recovered files.

Another feature you may want to check out is the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) monitoring tool. This features lets you actively monitor the health of your hard drive, enabling you to transfer files before it fails.

There are many more features that you can take advantage of when you use Disk Drill. One of them is the ability to search for specific file extensions.

In addition, you can also choose to save the recovered files to another destination. For example, you can rename or delete them. And don’t forget that you can run a byte-to-byte backup on your disk, as well as protect the data.

You can find out more about Disk Drill by visiting their website. You can also sign up for their newsletter, where they provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your software.

Windows backup

If you accidentally delete files, you should know that you can retrieve them with the help of Windows backup. This is also called a disk or volume backup. To make a backup, you can right-click on a selected partition or disk and click “Backup.” You can choose to back up the entire drive or just selected folders.

In order to get the most out of the backup process, you should also protect your data. There are several steps to follow. First, you should set up a backup plan for your computer.

Second, you should consider using an external storage device to store your backups. This way, if you have a power outage or any other incident, you will still have access to your data.

You should also take advantage of the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin provides a temporary place for deleting unwanted files.

However, if you want to see the best possible version of your deleted files, you will have to go to a different location. For instance, if you’re using the desktop, you can use the History button to view a list of recent files or search for them by name.

Another option is to use the Recycle Bin to restore your deleted files. Aside from the usual drag and drop, you can also use the context menu to find files in the Recycle Bin.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, you can use a third-party tool to recover your lost files. One of the best options is CleverFiles’ Disk Drill for Windows. It uses advanced algorithms to scan your hard disk and detect any lost fragments.

When you’re ready to restore your lost files, you can do so by following these instructions.

Stellar Data Recovery

If you’re looking for a way to restore deleted documents, then you may want to consider using Stellar Data Recovery. This program can recover files from hard drives, external storage devices, and even cameras. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Stellar Data Recovery program has advanced features, and the interface is easy to use. Users can select which file types they want to search for and browse through the data that is found. They can also add new file types.

You can even use the Stellar Wizard tool to scan your disk for recoverable files. After that, the Stellar Recovery program provides a three-step data recovery process.

Once you launch the Stellar Data Recovery software, you can specify the file type and location you’re searching for. This feature makes it easier to find your files. In addition to that, you can add file extensions to the list of supported files.

The Stellar Data Recovery program is available in both a free and paid version. The free plan allows users to recover up to 1GB of data. However, the Premium and Professional plans are a bit more expensive.

The main reason why you’d want to consider Stellar Data Recovery is because of the advanced scanning options it offers. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re recovering data from encrypted volumes, such as those found in virtual drives.

Stellar Data Recovery also offers a Preview option, which allows you to view the recovered files before you start the final recovery. However, this feature is buggy at times.

You can even create a bootable backup recovery device for your data with Stellar Data Recovery.

Vlad Tabaranu
Vlad Tabaranu
Vlad Tabaranu is a highly experienced computer and laptop repair engineer with over 20 years of expertise in the IT industry. Vlad's dedication to top-quality IT services has earned him significant recognition. He has been ranked among the top 3 computer repair services in Birmingham since 2018. He's also been awarded the Corporate LiveWire's Birmingham Prestige Awards 2019 for Best in Independent Computer Repair Services and the Central England Prestige Awards 2021/2022 for Computer Repair Service of the Year.



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