How Can I Restore Deleted Data From My Pen Drive? 1
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How Can I Restore Deleted Data From My Pen Drive?

Should you mistakenly erase a file from your flash drive yet it remains physically on the drive, there’s a method to restore its content using a certain tool.

One of the most reliable methods for recovering lost data is backup files. If you regularly backup your files to a computer hard drive or cloud storage, then you can retrieve that information by restoring previous versions of those files.


When storing data on a pen drive, it is essential to take backups. Doing so will protect the loss of that information in case of an accident or system crash.

Pen drives are popular for transporting various data and files, such as music, documents, videos, emails and more. Not only are they fast and dependable; but if something goes awry and your information on the pen drive gets deleted accidentally, it may be difficult to recover it.

Recovering deleted data from a pen drive requires backing up its files immediately. Doing this prevents newer files from overwriting existing ones, which could damage the integrity of the device and render it unusable.

To protect your data, the ideal approach is either creating a backup on the device itself, or using software that enables you to back up files onto an external USB drive. These services are usually free and can be invaluable resources in daily computer operations.

Another method for recovering data from a pen drive is searching for previous versions of the files. This can be done by looking through backups taken before they were deleted.

If you are using a computer, this step can be completed by connecting your pen drive to the machine and using File Explorer to navigate to the folder where your files were stored before they were deleted. Select that folder, right-clicking it to select “Restore previous versions,” or similar option.

Another option is to perform a deep scan of your pen drive with an advanced data recovery tool. This software, available for Windows users, can restore all kinds of deleted files such as photos, audios, video files, documents and more.

MiniTool Data Recovery is the ideal choice for this task, as it can scan any USB disk and retrieve all files stored on it. Plus, its preview feature enables you to verify if the files are correct before recovering them.

Restore Previous Versions

One of the best ways to recover deleted data from a pen drive is using Previous Versions. This feature, available on Windows computers, acts as an automated backup for files – however it only works if you had enabled this option prior to losing your information.

Recovering deleted files with Previous Versions is easy. Simply right-click the folder containing the desired documents and select Restore Previous Versions from the drop-down menu. This will display a list of file editions stored on your computer that can be restored to get rid of corrupt or damaged documents.

One alternative is using the Command Prompt. This works on most operating systems, including Windows 10. To begin, connect your pen drive to your computer and run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Once clicked, a window will open with a list of all the files that need recovering. Select those which are most important to you such as pictures or videos and click’recover’.

There are also various options to select the type of files you wish to recover. These may include photos, music, documents and more.

If you need a free solution to recover deleted files from your USB drive, Remo Recover is an ideal choice. This tool utilizes advanced scanning algorithms to search for lost documents and can successfully retrieve them if they’re in their proper format.

Furthermore, this tool allows you to preview files before recovery and determine if a desired file can be recovered or not. Simply double-click any listed file to view its original size content; an excellent way to guarantee you get exactly what you need from the software.

You may want to try Kernel Free Windows Data Recovery as a third-party option for recovering files from your flash drive quickly and efficiently. This program works with different storage devices like USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards and more; it even recovers deleted documents from system hard drives with file systems like NTFS, exFAT, HFS+ or FAT32.


Unfortunately, files can be accidentally deleted from a pen drive and you need to recover them. Fortunately, there are several methods available for recovering deleted data without using software.

One way is using the CMD command to access deleted files on a pen drive. This straightforward approach makes it possible for both average users and experts alike to recover deleted data from an external storage device.

Prior to anything else, make sure your drive is accessible by computer. This means confirming its detection by Windows File Explorer or Disk Management tool.

If the drive is unaccessible, make sure it’s connected properly. Doing this will guarantee that the CMD command works and your files can be recovered successfully.

Next, type chkdsk E: into the Command Prompt window (you can change this to any drive letter you desire). This command will scan the entire pen drive and create a new folder with all of your deleted files.

Once the process is complete, open this folder to view all deleted files. Alternatively, you can right-click any of them and select Restore from the menu.

Another option is to utilize a program that can perform this task for you. For instance, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an excellent choice and will enable users to recover lost files from a pen drive in an easy and secure fashion.

This tool offers various scanning algorithms so you can find the optimal solution for your situation. Furthermore, it has a deep scan mode which enables deeper file searches.

You can even use the program to recover files from a USB drive that has been formatted or deleted accidentally. Best of all, it’s free and compatible with all major operating systems – so no matter your problem, you can get your data back!

MiniTool Data Recovery

If you accidentally deleted a file and can’t locate it, there are several methods to recover the data. One popular choice is using a data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

It can scan and recover files from a range of storage devices, such as USB drives, memory cards, and hard drives. Furthermore, it supports scanning RAW or unmountable disks, plus it supports re-imaging the contents of an encrypted drive.

This program is the best of both worlds – compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. All that’s required is a computer with at least 100MB free space.

Once installed, you can begin scanning for lost or deleted files. To expedite the scan process, select specific partitions or even a folder on your computer’s hard drive. Alternatively, use the Filter feature to further refine your search by file type, size, date range or other criteria.

Another useful feature is a file previewer, which lets you view images and other files without actually recovering them. This saves time and eliminates the need to guess which files should be recovered.

Aside from recovering lost or deleted files, this software also fixes corrupted video formats – though this is a paid feature.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the program can be confusing and challenging to use. Furthermore, scanning takes a while, which could prove frustrating for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Furthermore, the application does not automatically support all file signatures. Therefore, it’s advisable to enable them all before beginning scanning.

If you don’t want to re-scan your drive every time a recovery operation is required, this software has an Export Scan Result option that saves the results in an.rss file so you can load it on the next time data needs recovering; thus avoiding having to rescan and guaranteeing optimal recovery outcomes.