How to Perform File Recovery From a Hard Drive 1
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How to Perform File Recovery From a Hard Drive

If you experience a computer freeze while defragmenting or repartitioning your disk, recovering files may prove to be difficult. This is because the metadata that identifies the physical addresses of your files may not be accurate. In simpler terms, although the data may have been written to a new location, it may not have been moved.


DiskGenius for file recovery from a hard drive is a powerful tool that enables you to get your files back from a crashed or damaged hard drive. You can scan a partition or an entire hard drive to recover lost files. The software comes with three scanning options that are optimized to deal with different types of data loss. The program can also scan a RAW drive and recover deleted files. The software even has a preview function to show you lost files.

Once you’ve chosen the files you want to recover, you can preview the recovered data. If you’re not 100% sure, you can double-click the files to check if they’re recoverable. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact the support team to get them to analyze the situation and determine how to improve the recovery process. After recovering the files, you can copy them back to your computer.

Another feature that makes DiskGenius stand out from its rivals is the file preview capability. The program can display files in multiple formats, including audio, text, pictures, and Office documents. You can also view recovered files by type, size, and time of modification.

This program has a large database of file types that it supports. By default, the program will scan all file types. You can also choose only the file types you want to recover. This will simplify the “Recovered Types” recovery result. You can also choose to disable the “Recover Deleted Files” option if you don’t need to recover deleted files.

DiskGenius will also help you recover lost partitions. The software includes a feature that lets you view the number of partitions and free disk space. The Professional Edition also has advanced features that make it more capable of recovering data from a virtual disk or RAID system. It can even edit hex data. In addition, the Professional Edition also includes full access to the Linux or virtual machine partition. It is an all-in-one disk partition management tool.

You may be able to restore deleted files from a corrupted hard drive by using DiskGenius’s file recovery function. This feature is useful for recovering lost files from an NTFS drive. It works quickly and efficiently to load lost files and preview them to make sure they are accurate. After the process is complete, you can copy the recovered files to another drive.


A data recovery software program like Ontrack can help you recover deleted files or other lost files from your hard drive. Whether your hard drive is corrupted or has crashed, Ontrack can get your lost data back. The program offers free consultation and specializes in all types of data loss. It works with any type of storage media, including SSDs, HDDs, and flash drives.

The program’s interface is easy to use and intuitive. The program’s recovery wizard will guide you through the entire process. It offers step-by-step instructions that can be followed by beginners and even advanced users. The program also supports most file systems and interfaces. Moreover, it has a comprehensive support database and supports a wide range of external hard drives.

Ontrack EasyRecovery lets you save the results of your scans so that you can use them later. It can also scan for files that are deleted or corrupted and recover them quickly. Moreover, it can also repair damaged multimedia files. It supports various file systems, including FAT, exFAT, HFS+, and APFS. It is also compatible with other storage devices, including USB sticks, memory cards, and optical media. Its thorough scanning process enables you to save files that have been deleted or corrupted.

Ontrack offers a free trial version of their software. If you need to recover more data, you can upgrade to a paid plan. The free trial offers limited file recovery, but the paid versions offer unlimited data recovery. Ontrack has a phone support line and email support for users who need help. They also offer emergency technical support and expert technicians to assist you with data recovery.

Ontrack file recovery is one of the best options for recovering deleted files. Ontrack engineers perform data recovery from hard drives and other storage media every day. They are familiar with the process of recovering data, and will work hard to recover data that has been deleted. They’ll even work with the most difficult storage media.

Ontrack also offers a discounted version of their Disk Drill software. This software has the advantage of being compatible with all major operating systems. Furthermore, Ontrack also provides technical support through its offices worldwide.


Recoverit is a free software application that allows you to recover files from your hard drive. It is highly capable of recovering data from all types of hard drives and is easy to use. It comes with a free trial period which allows you to recover up to a certain number of files.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for beginners. While Recoverit is most suited to Windows computers, it can also be used on Mac computers and smartphones. It scans fast and doesn’t slow down your computer. It also features a few easy-to-use clicks that allow you to identify the files you want to recover. The software supports 15 languages and offers a 95% recovery rate.

It also supports a variety of file systems. It can recover files up to 100 MB. It also works well on USB drives and can format them for bootable use. It can recover both the entire hard drive and specific files. It’s free, but it’s limited in functionality.

While Recoverit can be expensive, its free trial can give you a good idea of how it works. It scans your computer and any external devices and will let you know what files it can recover. Once you pay for a license, you can access the full version. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. Recoverit’s support team is also active and responsive. You can contact them via email, live chat, or phone.

Recoverit is a multi-functional data recovery program for Mac computers. It recovers deleted files and can help you create backups. It can even restore files that were deleted accidentally. It is also designed to recognize and recover data from formatted disks and viruses. Hundreds of file types are supported.

Recoverit is an excellent software solution for users of both Windows and Mac systems. It is easy to use, supports a number of devices, and offers a free trial plan. It also allows you to preview files before restoring them. It also comes with a money-back guarantee and great customer support.

Ontrack paid

Ontrack is a data recovery service that claims to be able to recover files from nearly every storage device. Their free program only recovers one gigabyte of data, but you can purchase a premium plan that includes everything from virus recovery to data recovery from CDs and DVDs. It also claims to be able to restore data due to server corruption. The cost of Ontrack’s premium plan, however, is £499 for Windows and macOS.

Ontrack’s paid data recovery service deals with a wide range of data loss scenarios and features security clearance engineers that can restore data from logical and physical failures. Their new clean rooms and mobile recovery capabilities allow them to perform recovery on the spot or at the customer’s office. The company also offers mobile data recovery, which makes them the perfect solution for businesses and personal users alike.

File loss is a common problem for all types of files. Often, this happens when a storage device is no longer functioning properly, either due to component failure or a logical problem within the storage media. If this happens to you, don’t panic, however. Ontrack engineers can repair your hard drive and restore deleted files.

Ontrack has a comprehensive recovery process that will recover a variety of files, including those that have been accidentally deleted. The software also supports a wide variety of file formats, including FAT, HFS+, and APFS. The software will even work on external storage devices, such as USB sticks and memory cards. Its thorough scanning feature will allow you to recover deleted or damaged files in a variety of formats.

If you’re in need of data recovery, Ontrack provides a comprehensive data recovery service that is supported by a team of experienced professionals and proprietary data recovery tools. However, these services are costly, so they’re not recommended for home users. Despite their many benefits, these services are best suited for business and home users. And if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable service, don’t overlook the free evaluation and in-bound shipping.