How to Repair a Broken Lenovo Laptop Screen 1
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How to Repair a Broken Lenovo Laptop Screen

If your laptop’s display gets damaged, it can hinder the accomplishment of daily assignments. Thus, having knowledge on fixing it prior to it becoming a major inconvenience is crucial.

Fortunately, most laptop LCD screens are easy to replace. Just check with the manufacturer to learn what tools you’ll need for your specific model.

Cracked Screen

A cracked screen on a laptop can be an alarming hazard, making it hard to view and potentially leading to safety risks. If the crack is large enough, you may need to replace your screen; however, there are various methods available for repairing cracked laptop screens.

First you must remove your laptop’s screen. Most modern laptops feature LCD displays secured under a removable bezel, so to take out this component you will need a small screwdriver to unscrew each screw holding it in place. After doing so, slide the bezel off of the screen and lay it flat on your keyboard for convenient typing.

You will also need to take the video cable from your laptop’s back with a small screwdriver, then attach it to the new screen. Once connected, screw in the screen and reattach its bezel for security.

If you’re not confident fixing your laptop screen on your own, take it to a professional repair shop for assistance. This is your best bet as they guarantee all work will be done correctly and securely.

Another option is to order a replacement screen from the manufacturer or online. You can find the perfect screen for your laptop by entering its model number and searching terms such as “replacement laptop screen.”

When comparing prices, keep in mind that replacing a laptop’s screen can be more expensive than simply fixing its existing one. If you’re uncertain if replacing is the best option for your laptop, consult with a computer repair technician to learn what kind of replacement screen will fit best.

One last option is to check if your laptop’s warranty includes accidental damage protection. If so, take it to an authorized service provider and they will cover any screen damage free of charge.

If you are uncertain if your Lenovo laptop screen is covered by warranty, contact the manufacturer and inquire. It is also wise to get a quote from an accredited professional before taking your machine in for repairs.

Damaged Bezel

When your laptop screen is damaged, it can be a frustrating situation. Fortunately, there are ways to repair the screen without having to replace it completely.

First and foremost, shut your laptop down completely. Doing this will guarantee there is no electricity running to the screen and it can then be safely unplugged.

To take the screen off, you need to unscrew four screws holding it in place. You can do this with either a small screwdriver or plastic pry tool.

Once the screws are removed, you can lift the screen off of its casing. Be sure to carefully pry away any plastic trim around its edges before doing so.

In most cases, this task is relatively straightforward. The only obstacle may be hidden screws or cushions on some laptops which make the process more challenging. If yours has these, you may need to use a thin metal blade or plastic spudger to loosen the bezel and take out the screen.

Once your laptop’s LCD screen has broken, you can get a replacement and install it. Depending on the model, the type of replacement required will depend on what needs to be fixed.

Before buying the screen, do your due diligence and research which brand and model it is compatible with. This will guarantee that your new display works optimally.

Depending on the model of your laptop, you may have to replace both the LCD screen and bezel. This could be a more cost-effective solution.

Damage to a laptop bezel can be caused by various factors, including how it’s used. For instance, if it is opened and closed frequently or exposed to moisture regularly, cracks may develop over time in its bezel.

For optimal performance, take your laptop to a computer repair store for an extensive inspection. This will enable you to determine if the screen requires replacement or can be easily fixed by an experienced technician.

Faulty Video Cable

If the screen of your Lenovo laptop won’t display properly, it could be indicative of a broken video cable. These cables connect your laptop to a monitor and transport visual data such as video, audio and clock information for syncing purposes.

In most cases, these cables plug into the back of your computer using either a VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort connector. They’re typically coiled tightly around something like a monitor so if they become loose it could interfere with your connection and lead to poor picture quality.

To test the video cable on your computer, connect it to an external monitor. This should help rule out a problem with the LCD screen and help pinpoint what may be causing it.

If the external monitor works fine, but your laptop’s internal display displays a poor video, it may be due to a broken LCD cable. This connects the motherboard to the monitor and, if it’s not getting enough data from it, distortion will appear on your monitor’s screen.

Another common issue with these cables is they can get pinched and damaged from constant use. Though designed to withstand a lot of abuse, over time they may become worn out and need replacing.

A malfunctioning video cable can lead to a range of issues, such as discoloration, horizontal bands of color and other imperfections in your laptop’s display. It may also distort colors on your screen and disrupt computer operations in general.

When these issues occur, you’ll see a series of messages on your monitor indicating that the connection has been lost or failed. This can occur if one pin in your HDMI cable has been twisted or bent, or damaged pins inside of the HDMI connector.

If the symptoms occur frequently, you’ll likely need to replace your HDMI cables. Depending on which connector type you have, these can have up to 19 pins inside them.

Loose video connections can be caused by a variety of things, from normal wear and tear to impact damage from an accident. While they usually only cause intermittent interruptions, you should be wary if you nudge your laptop or display panel while it’s running as this could wiggle the video connection cable enough to cause issues.


Your Lenovo laptop’s screen may not be functioning correctly for several reasons. One possibility is a problem with its internal cables; in this instance, take it to your local computer repair shop for further assessment and resolution.

Corrosion can also be the cause of your display’s inability to function. This could be due to damaged components like the motherboard or RAM. To determine if corrosion is at play here, take apart each part and inspect for corroded traces, shorts or burn marks.

If the traces or wires on your display have become corroded, you can restore their function by replacing them with new ones. This will guarantee that all internal cables for your computer’s display are functioning correctly and your computer’s display should begin functioning normally again.

You may also try updating the graphics driver to see if that improves your laptop’s display. If that does not resolve the problem, you could have an issue with the GPU on your computer’s motherboard.

To replace the screen on your Lenovo laptop, you will require some special tools. Which tools you require depends on the model of your machine; make sure you purchase the correct ones for it.

When taking out the screen, be careful and avoid breaking any clips or damaging the device’s frame. Use a screwdriver to loosen screws and plastic pry tool for pulling off the bezel which attaches to the screen.

Next, carefully position the new screen onto your device’s frame. Aligning it correctly so that it fits snugly within the metal frame is essential for success.

Once you’re done with that, you can reconnect the video cable and power cable to their original locations. Make sure they are aligned correctly and all screws attaching them to the device frame are tightened securely as well.

Repairing a Lenovo laptop’s screen is usually quite simple and straightforward. However, if you don’t possess the necessary skills or tools to do the repair yourself, it might be best to hire an expert for assistance. This way, your laptop will be fixed correctly and won’t void its warranty.