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A computer repair technician is someone who repairs and maintains computer equipment like desktops PC, laptops, printers, scanners, and modems. The duties of the technician can extend to adding or building computer network, installation or upgrading software packages, building or repairing computer servers, and making and maintaining computer operating systems. To become a computer repair technician, a person must undergo special training. It is very important for people to understand that repairing computer is different from troubleshooting computer. The computer repair technicians are specialized people who have complete knowledge and experience in computer hardware. Their job is to repair, diagnose, design, and maintain computer hardware.

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As the demand for computer repairs is increasing every day, there are many people who want to take up this career. The only thing needed to start this career is a basic computer knowledge. People who want to pursue a career in this field can either work independently or can even join any one of the numerous computer repair companies.

There are a number of computer repair companies across the country which provide computer repairs services. However, not all computer repair companies provide quality service. It is therefore important to choose a computer repair company which provides services according to your individual requirements. You can find computer repair companies which are located in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Phoenix, New York, Atlanta, and San Diego. Apart from providing experienced computer technicians, these computer repair companies offer a wide range of computer accessories and computer related products.

A computer repair technician working for a particular company will need to be trained. Most companies do hire computer repair technicians who have undergone proper computer repair training. These technicians are usually provided with hands-on experience during their training. This experience proves them competent in handling computer related problems and hence they are able to handle any problems that arise at any point of time.

Most computer repairs take place on a fixed day and time. This can either be morning, afternoon or even evening. Any special services that the computer repair service company wishes to offer would have to be done on specific days. For instance, an individual who has just bought a computer or a business professional who is traveling would require computer repairs at a particular time. In addition, if a computer repair service company wish to fix a printer, scanner or fax they will have to schedule the repairing service at a specific time.

Most computer repairs take place for free as computer repair shops are generally happy to help customers. They will provide you with the computer repair service free of charge, if you have a warranty on your computer. If you are not sure whether your computer is covered by warranty then you can request your computer repair service provider to contact you so that they can find out for sure whether you computer is covered by warranty or not.

Most computer repairs can be done by phone depending on the problem. However, most computer technicians prefer to work over the phone as this gives them more time to study the problem and come up with a diagnosis. The Internet also provides the computer technicians with a lot of information technology resources and tutorials. They can also use such resources to find out how other people have repaired the same problem.

One thing you need to keep in mind is to be reasonable when negotiating for computer repairs. Fixing the computer may seem to be simple but you may need to offer extra service or some extra equipment to get the computer repaired. Before accepting any offer, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the deal. The home computer repair business is not an easy task but can be very rewarding once you get a grip over the tricks of the trade.

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