Maximizing Facebook: Enhance Your Posts or Post More Advertisements?

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February 24, 2019
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Facebook has emerged as a single of the genuine estate’s favourite advertising and communications channels. That is because Facebook nonetheless has social media’s most impressive numbers, one particular that no brand can ignore. For true estate, it is also an agent’s most exceptional hyperlocal channel, frequently the most cost-efficient way to often connect with your sphere of influence to stay leading of mind.

Despite all of the unfavorable blowback Facebook has faced over the last year, it is nonetheless the 1 spot exactly where agents can attain the majority of their clients, previous and present, neighbors, buddies and loved ones, all in a single location. Beyond the hyperlocal aspect of Facebook, there is also the international impact: with more than 2 billion monthly active users and 1 billion daily active customers, it remains the most dominant social media channel on the planet.

Facebook also has social media’s broadest demographic reach, according to a collection of the most current study from Sprout Social:

  • 75 % of all males, 83 % of all women
  • 88 % of those ages 18-29
  • 84 percent of these ages 30-49
  • 72 % for those ages 50-64
  • 62 percent for those ages 65+
  • 82 percent of Facebook customers have attended at least some college
  • 60 million businesses have a Facebook page
  • One-third of Facebook users engage with brands regularly

One other statistic to pay attention to: the quantity of time men and women invest on Facebook is declining, dropping an average of 40 minutes daily to 35 minutes. While folks nonetheless access Facebook frequently, an average of eight instances every single day, if you want to get people’s attention, you will require to be far more deliberate than ever.

Increasing engagement

Facebook provides actual estate agents two major ways to market their business: through boosted posts and Facebook advertisements. Every single of these approaches come with advantages and disadvantages. The question agents often ask: Is it better to increase a post or post an ad?

To make a decision which advertising approach works ideal, an agent initial has to comprehend each and every of these techniques and how they work. Agents then need to figure out two factors. First, what are they attempting to accomplish – develop brand awareness, amplify their brand’s visibility, aid sell a home, drive buyers to check out an open house? Second, who are agents attempting to reach: who is their target audience – purchasers, sellers, past customers, potential consumers, neighborhood or community influencers, individuals relocating from an additional state to your location, or all of the above?

Understanding both options

By far the most simple way agents can market on Facebook is free of charge: you can produce a post. What’s a Facebook post?

According to Facebook, like a status update from your individual page, a post” is posted from your enterprise or fan page. You need to have to maintain in thoughts that all posts on your page will not reach your whole audience every single time. Facebook admits that currently, much less than 10 percent of your Facebook sphere will see your normal post on their wall.

That’s since Facebook makes use of an automatic algorithm that determines if the content material you are posting will interest each individual in your sphere. If the content material you post tends to generally get a Like,” comment or share from the individuals who see it, then you can count on Facebook to share much more of your content material with more individuals in your sphere. The a lot more successful way to reach much more people via your Facebook Business page is with a boosted post.” Like a Facebook ad, you set a spending budget amount that’s charged to your credit card, and then choose your audience for your boosted post.

Facebook allows you to target the post to be sent to your sphere – people who Like” your page and their friends — or beyond, a new audience, which includes to people that have comparable interests and/or demographics to your sphere. You can also expand the geographic variety of your audience to attain a higher distance.

Facebook makes it extremely simple to set up the way you want to enhance your posts and offers a cost-free on the internet video on YouTube that shows you step-by-step how to enhance a post at this hyperlink here.

What posts should you boost?

Posts have the most flexibility. They can be written or visual, or ideally, both. They can be about yourself, the real estate marketplace, your most recent house listing, or an upcoming open house event. On your Facebook Enterprise Web page, you have nearly limitless flexibility regarding what your post can contain.

Your post can contain a photo, a graphic image, illustration or a video that you personalize with your comments, as extended as you own the content – or have copyright permission to share the visuals.

However, while you can post about a property listing, that doesn’t imply you must. That’s since posts, like status updates on your individual Facebook page, are noticed as far more like editorial content and not ads. When you boost a post on a house listing, that can be seen as advertising and might drive away prospective new followers, notes social media expert Chris Smith.

Smith and his advertising firm, Curaytor, spends heavily for their genuine estate agent and broker customers on Facebook advertising and has spent years testing the effectiveness of boosted posts and Facebook ads. Smith says when you increase a home listing, boosted posts are advertisements.”

He notes that for agents, boosted posts have much more limitations compared to Facebook advertisements due to the fact they ought to only focus on engagement and driving site visitors to a web site. They are also harder to get correct: you have to connect the correct content to the proper audience, and if the post is also common or not engaging, it will be observed by a customer as a waste of time.

Facebook ads

The alternative for agents, which could take a bit much more time to create, but can be less complicated to target and control, are Facebook advertisements. Facebook ads developed and monitored by means of the Facebook Ad Manager.

One of the important benefits of utilizing Facebook advertisements is agents have far more possibilities to customize their ad campaign based on their objectives. They can greater target audiences, where the ad is placed (either inside a News Feed or a distinct location on the Facebook web page), and higher inventive handle. In contrast to boosted posts, Facebook advertisements also enable you to not just concentrate on either engagement or clicks to a internet site, but can be used to track lead generation, audience reach, and other objectives — all presented by way of Facebook Ad Manager. Moreover, Facebook ads enable you to target more than one particular audience primarily based on numerous interests, such as homebuyers, your friends, household and individuals who have liked” your web page and far more.

But it is essential to note that Facebook recently removed much more than 5,000 targeting capabilities from its marketing tools in response to a complaint from HUD that its practices have been discriminatory. As Realtor magazine on the internet and others reported, HUD charged that Facebook’s ad platform permitted advertisers to discriminate against prospective buyers and renters as it gave the advertiser the ability to limit who saw an ad primarily based on a user’s race, color, religion, sex, loved ones status, national origin, disability, ZIP code, and other elements.”

Facebook’s response incorporated a statement from the company that mentioned, There is no spot for discrimination (on our marketing platform),” and will now call for all Facebook advertisers in the U.S. to comply with its non-discrimination ad policy.

Which is better?

Again, Facebook ads can take a far more time to develop and set up compared to a boosted post, but if agents are trying to generate new organization leads from Facebook, market attendance for an event or open house, or industry your listings, the authorities advise that Facebook ads are the far better way to go.

If you are attempting to enhance Likes” to your company page, engage your sphere, create ongoing top-of-thoughts awareness, then boosted posts can greater assist you achieve these targets. If you can benefit from each, then the good news is Facebook is very satisfied to take your credit card and enable you to do both boosted posts and Facebook ads.

A final reminder

Just bear in mind that when you use Facebook to promote a listing or your company, you have to maintain in thoughts that it comes beneath the same rules and regulations as any other public communication channel you use. Be diligent in your word selection in your Facebook posts or your Facebook ads just like you would if you were placing an ad in a nearby magazine or a newspaper. As often, if you have a doubt about whether or not or not you need to use a distinct phrase or word choice, stick to the ad copywriter’s golden rule: when in doubt, leave it out!

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