Methods Used By Computer Forensics Experts To Recover Data

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February 9, 2021
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Although a simple home-repair may work well for some data recovery situations, think twice about calling a professional if your hard drive has suffered severe damage. Professionals possess the knowledge and experience to ensure a greater chance of salvaging important data. Even when data recovery from an external storage device seems like a cake walk, it is not. It takes a skilled professional to ensure that the data is not lost forever.

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Data retrieval specialists are able to recover data from all sorts of media, including HD (high definition), DVD, CD, and even Blu-ray disks. With the advent of smaller, more portable drives, such as flash drives, it is not uncommon to discover that data is being recovered from such devices. In some instances, such as when dealing with corporate data, it is not uncommon for professionals to be called in as backups. The number of possible problems that can arise when data is lost or corrupted due to human error is vast. Professionals possess the knowledge and experience to deal with different problems and complications. If there is a specific problem that must be dealt with, such as data loss or a problematic hard drive, a specialist has the skills and knowledge required to deal with it immediately.

The reasons why data recovery professionals are needed for corporate and home users alike is because files and data are not all created equal. Not every instance of corruption, damage, or loss is the same and different types of loss must be dealt with differently. Corporate data often includes sensitive company information, confidential projects, and highly specialized and protected software. Home users typically include photographs, videos, music, documents, financial data, and deleted files from laptops and other portable storage devices. Incorrect use, malicious software, accidental deletion, and virus attack can all cause major problems for data recovery from damaged or corrupted storage devices. Professionals have the skills and experience to deal with these types of situations as well as more common issues such as formatting and backup.

Many companies utilize a third party company to handle data recovery after they realize that the primary system is no longer functioning correctly or recovering missing files and data. While most companies will attempt to recover the majority of their logical data, it is still important to utilize a professional data recovery firm even if all efforts to recover the lost data have been met. There are a few reasons why this is necessary. A professional firm has the knowledge and experience to deal with all types of situations including failed hard drive data recovery, failed memory recovery, and problematic physical data recovery as well. Additionally, a certified cleanroom has the tools and training necessary to safely extract and reassemble a variety of damaged components.

Aside from working with a professional data recovery firm or a professional cleanroom, a company should also utilize other recovery aids such as a recovery plan, data recovery checklist, and other recovery programs. The data recovery checklist can be used to ensure that there are no missed issues or that there are any essential changes that should be made before the data recovery process begins. This type of program is particularly useful for companies that have an issue which affects one of the critical pieces of the system. For instance, if there is a keyboard error in the application, the program may include a keyboard fix that can save the day.

While there are several computer forensics tools that can recover data, one tool that is commonly used is the Windows Magnetic Recovery Tool. However, there are three different types of this tool which depend on the file system that the hard drives are stored on. Each different type of this tool requires different techniques and methods. One tool is designed to work with NTFS and FAT volumes while another is designed to work with FAT and ext2 partitions. Another important point to remember when using this tool to recover data is that no data on the hard drive that is in use should be overwritten.

The third tool is designed to recover data from logical mediums such as CD-R and DVD disks. The data recovery procedure for these devices is very similar to that of NTFS and FAT volumes. However, data recovery from physical media requires different techniques. Physical media can be overwritten by new data and in this case, a tool known as the imaging tools can be used. This method is only effective with physical media, because it cannot be used to recover data from logical mediums such as CD-R discs.

Computer forensics professionals can use any one of these tools to recover data. It is important to ensure that all attempts are made with the utmost care and caution. Once data has been extracted from a computer system, it can be difficult to retrieve since data is often stored in different locations. There are many tools on the market today that can help with the recovery process but it is always advisable to consult a professional before using any one of these tools.

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