I had Dr. IT look at my website to help me get more visitors to it. He went above and beyond what I was exspecting :)

David McA

I contacted Vlad to do a complex motherboard replacement for my Toshiba laptop. He had it done in one hour - it would have taken me days, and his price was very reasonable. For other reasons, I then had to go back to him to get Windows 8 reinstalled from a backup - again it would have taken me hours. Once more the job was done speedily and with great quality. Highly recommended service!


My computer had a lot of viruses and was completly useless, but after I got it back from Vlad it was as good as new! He is very polite and professional, and it is all done for a very good prize. Will definitely come back if I ever needed computer help again!

John Doyle

Vlad was very helpful at explaining what was wrong with the computer and what he was doing to resolve the problem. He was very quick and polite and I also didn't feel like I was being ripped off for once !

David B.

We had problems with our PC for weeks and no one could figure out what was wrong with it including so called PC 'specialist' repair shops. We got in contact with Vlad and he came to our premises and figured out what was wrong with it within minutes. The PC has never worked better since. Very prompt, very helpful and a bargain to boot. As long as we have a PC we'll have Vlad's number. Thanks again mate.