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March 22, 2019

Cutting Screen Time For Kids: Saying no to Yourself

[ad_1] Video Transcript Julissa: Definitely.   Male: She has two phones, everybody, and she is checking them right now. Hold them.   Julissa: We are dying on screen set.   Courtney: See.   Marianne: This is why she needs to be in this segment.   Julissa: I know, I know. You know and now, of course, the phone will tell you how much time you spend all week. I deactivated that, I don’t want to know. All right. And if it does show up, I blame it on my kids. All right. So well, Ryan is back and talking about trying to break free from the phones and how you can use your phone to help you do that, right?   Ryan: Yeah. So iOS 12 came out with Screen Time so for iPhone users, we can finally see how much time we’re spending on social media or different apps […]