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March 20, 2019
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Get Computer Maintenance Today

  Computer and laptops need special attention and care so they are able to function to their best. Mostly people always buy a new computer and never take good care of it also they never thought of computer maintenance. Taking good care of it doesn’t just mean cleaning the outer surface when it gets dusty. Taking proper care means making sure the inner and outer system are working effectively so they need to be examined.   The inner part of a computer consists of the software and anything related to software. The outer system consists of all the devices connected to the operating system. All the extra attachments such as cables, keyboard, scanner and printer which are all attached to the inner system are included. All these need to have extra attention and good  computer maintenance.   Computers need to be maintained regularly from time to time. The system should […]
March 18, 2019
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Someone Use Your Computer

How To Let Someone Use Your Computer Without Accessing Your Stuff By giving someone access to your computer, they can get to your saved passwords, email accounts and all files as well as more. Instead of worrying or getting anxious when giving someone your computer use your operating systems guest account feature.   Guest’s accounts are on all desktop operating systems including windows, Mac to chrome and other distributions. On windows the guest account is not enabled through default, so you have to go and search for it.   Why Use Guest Account   Using a guest account is a good idea especially for temporary guest users as they are only going to use it from time to time. The guest account which comes in the desktop gives your guest limited access which makes you at ease to leave them to it on your computer and let them do what […]
March 17, 2019
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Hidden! 9 Free Computer Clean Up

  Looking for FREE COMPUTER CLEAN UP then you are in right place. Sometimes doesn’t it feel like with the amount of time it takes to boot up your computer you could tidy the house? Have you found that your internet browser is too full of a lot of taskbars and you have no space to browse the internet? If you find out that your computer is getting slower every day then it might be time for you use some tips to get your computer clean and up and running like it was when you first got it. A great bonus is that all the tips below are free computer clean up so it won’t cost you a penny.     Starting off by getting rid of all viruses and spyware you may have in your computer can help your computer speed up a ton. Having viruses on your computer […]
March 16, 2019
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Types Of Malware And How Each Malware Impact Your Computer

Malware normally associates with cybersecurity but what really is malware and what does it do to your computer? Below is all the information you need to know about malware and how different malware affects your computer.     Malware is also known as malicious software which corrupts your computer’s programs performance. There are various types of malware which affect your computer’s programs performance in different ways. The different malware which can affect your computer includes adware, ransomware, spyware as well as bugs.   Signs to indicate your computer may be corrupted by malware:   Slow performance Issues connecting to a network Crashing Freezing Emails being sent from your account without your knowledge Programs running or shutting down on their own Pop-up ads   If you have found that you are experiencing any of the above with your computer or laptop, don’t panic with the help of professionals such as PcKey […]
March 14, 2019
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Cheap Computer Upgrade Repair Deals, Special Offers 2018

  Getting ready for Christmas 2018?   Want to make it Better?   Thinking of upgrade or repairs your PC Laptop and Computer!   This Christmas we are offering 25% off all computer repair service!   If you are looking for the best local Expert Laptop Repair near me and in surrounding areas consider PcKey Callout Repair your first choice. We provide affordable Computer Repair Service.  We are a local, mobile service for Home Computer Repairs.   Having a look at all the tech available must be blowing your mind. You have been waiting and keeping watch for all the tech you’ve been wanting to get ready to purchase for yourself or someone special this Christmas. Now that Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year 2019 are around the corner, the tech is ready for you to collect.   Christmas time is a good time to get your loved ones or […]
March 13, 2019
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Laptop Repair Bradford | Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner

Thank you from PcKey Callout We have been presented with a Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner from Bark   I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to all our customers who have used our computer and laptop repair services as well as our Engineers who have worked above and beyond ensuring all customers are 100% satisfied with their repairs.   PcKey Callout has one aim and that is to make sure all computers and laptop repairs are done with ease by being an onsite service to all residents and businesses are able to use our repair service. We always have our customers as our number one priority and before any repair will always consult the customer first.   We try to make the process of booking a repair as simple as possible for our customers and with our website having a simple guide to booking our […]
March 12, 2019
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Award for Local Top Service Near Me – Computer Repair Bradford

Top Rated Computer Repair in Bradford – PcKey Callout   Are you looking for a local business to come and repair your needs and don’t know where to find a professional, responsible and reliable business?   ThreeBestRated is the place you need to search. With ThreeBestRated they provide information on the best local businesses for all the services you may need from home services like Phone Repair Shop Bradford and Thai Massage Bradford to food choices as well as Travel and Properties Agents. When looking at their website you know you are not going to be disappointed with whichever business/service you decide to go with. When you click on a business, they give detailed information about the business so you have a full brief of what the chosen business provides.   They are always on the lookout for new local business who wants to help the community. They make sure […]
March 10, 2019
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Home Computer Repairs and Laptop Repairs At Shop

  Occasionally computers do not work properly as they are required to. They could face lots of issues including problems in applications and hardware of them. It also might happen that the OS of your computer doesn’t function accurately and therefore hinders the operation of your PC.   It may occur your computer stops working as a whole, so making a lot of problems. If you face any of above difficulty that is given then it is essential that you consult PcKey Callout laptop repair Bradford stores. These stores provide you with expert technicians working hard to ensure your computer is up and running.   Home pc repair is a new uptrend in this time and Pckey Callout is No 1 in-home computer repair Center near me.   We offer you professional laptop and computer repair services. They provide nearby support for your office or home. You may call and make […]