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March 12, 2019

The Nerd’s Guide to Finding Your Valentine on Dating Apps

[ad_1] Video Transcript Ken: What better than two men who have been happily married for a long time to tell you how to get a date for Valentine’s Day? Of course, Ryan Eldridge here with Nerds on Call. And how am I gonna do this, sir? Ryan: Married guys and a nerd, right? Ken: Who better? Ryan: I mean, I know all about the Internet and getting dates is all…whatever, anyway. Ken: Who better to tell you about dating than two married guys and a nerd? Here we go. Ryan: So we talk about Tinder. Tinder’s kind of like the modern dating. So MaryAnn found her husband on I don’t know if a lot of viewers know that. But Tinder’s kind of like the new thing, right? And it’s owned by And it’s really more about…originally, it was more about just kinda like the casual hook-up. Like, I’m […]