March 11, 2019
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Top 9 Best Mac Tips to Try

[ad_1] Published on: February, 1st 2019 | Under: Features Your Mac offers hundreds of clever elements and as a result has developed a huge fan base. The latest Mac software update, macOS Mojave, introduced several new features all Mac users can appreciate. From Dark Mode to managing files, Apple’s laptops and computers are known for making life easier. Find out how your computer can do more for you by reading the following Mac tips. The Best Mac Tips and Features Mac users know their computer is built to save them time and boost productivity. To get the most out of your desktop or laptop and stay focused on your work, utilize these tips exclusively for Apple users. Talk to Siri Siri was initially exclusive to iPhones and other mobile Apple devices, but now Siri is also available on your Mac with macOS Sierra or later. To talk to Siri, press […]