March 14, 2019
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Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women 

[ad_1] There’s a delicate balance to finding a romantic tech gift. It’s all very well to treat your significant other with a Valentine’s gift that is filled to the brim with awesome features, but if it’s a voice-activated Q-tip dispenser or a solar-powered onion slicer, you might not be hitting that romantic note you were aiming for. Many a well-meaning nerd has fallen into the poorly-chosen romantic tech gift vortex. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we feel the time is right to offer some romantic gift suggestions for that awesome lady in ya life. When you’re out and about, most people have a standard list of provisions; an essential collection of important stuff you need to deal with every likely contingency. A couple of centuries ago, that list might have consisted of little more than an apple (in case you got hungry), and bear repellant (in case something […]