March 20, 2019

Keep your Video Gamer Playing Safely

[ad_1] Video Transcript Julissa: Kids from getting in over their heads with video games. Courtney with our resident nerd, an avid video gamer, of course. Tips to keep the gamer playing safely.   Courtney: We don’t just have one nerd, we have 1.5 nerds today.   Julissa: 1.5?   Courtney: Yes. We’ve got Ryan Eldridge. And who’s this lovely [crosstalk 00:00:16]?   Ryan: This is Jackson Danger Eldridge.   Courtney: Jackson Danger Eldridge.   Ryan: That is his real middle name, everybody.   Courtney: I love it. You’re the coolest dad ever.   Ryan: So he’s been on the show a few times. This is what sort of, like, his expertise is Fortnite. He plays it almost every day in the morning, like, when mom and dad are sleeping in. He plays a little Fortnite. He plays it with his cousins who are up and ready, so we’ll bring him […]