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March 15, 2019
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How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

[ad_1] Published on: November, 1st 2018 | Under: Technology & Tools Whether you’re a student, business owner or even an avid movie streamer, chances are you rely heavily on your laptop. While not remaining tethered to an outlet is great, laptop batteries only last so long before you need to reach for your charger again. To learn how to extend your laptop battery life, follow these tips. 5 Tips to Prolong Your Laptop Battery Life Research shows the average laptop battery only lasts between one and six hours after a full charge. If you feel your laptop is falling short in terms of battery life, try using the following tricks. 1. Adjust the Battery Settings Because laptop batteries weaken over time, most manufacturers include battery performance settings. Typically, battery performance settings include options to minimize the power needed for your laptop to perform specific functions. For example, a Windows laptop […]