March 11, 2019

How To Sleep Better with Tech

[ad_1] Video Transcript Cody: It didn’t look sexy, but it might save your relationship. Ryan, hello, sir. How are you?   Ryan: Thank you, professor, for allowing me to talk about science today.   Cody: You’re welcome. You’re welcome.   Voice Off Camera: Science!!   Ryan: This is gonna be science. Okay. So let’s talk about getting to sleep, right? How many hours of sleep do you get at night?   Cody: Me?   Ryan: Yeah.   Cody: Do you wanna know, really?   Ryan: On average.   Cody: Four and a half, five.   Ryan: See? That’s terrible. Did you know that you are more likely to be fat because of that?   Cody: Oh, yeah. Totally. Look at…   Voice Off Camera: Don’t tell [inaudible 00:00:27] this.   Ryan: You’re more likely to, if you get less than seven hours of sleep, to not have a healthy body […]