Virus Attached To Email

March 21, 2019
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Virus Attached To Email What To Do

[ad_1] Having an email address for a long time which can incur many spam emails and virus attached to emails. The longer you have had your email address the quicker you realise not all of these spam emails are harmless. Email addresses are a great target for spam but also great targets for hackers as a way to send viruses and get all your personal information.   The popular way of spreading viruses via email is through infected attachments. They can do anything from installing new toolbars and pop-ups to deleting system files. Infected attachments can either macro viruses attached to emails that are embedded into software applications such as MS Word or executable programs. The more common type of virus attachments to emails are executable files. These attachments come in file forms such as .com, .zip, .exe and many more. If the email address is an unusual one and […]