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March 28, 2021
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“We provide service to the public from our own shop in Birmingham. Our service is fast, quality and very affordable, if you need a laptop repair or laptop screen replacement. Most of our services are carried out on a 24 hour basis. We work hard to ensure that we provide quality service at an affordable price.” David Jameson

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“I recently had a laptop repair when my laptop’s screen suddenly went dead. I was in the process of changing a few files when I realized that the laptop was shutting down unexpectedly. I checked the power source but it was off. When I brought my laptop to the laptop repair shop, they diagnosed the screen as having caused this issue. I was told that they could replace the screen but that it would be too expensive and I would have to send the laptop back.

laptop repair companies in Birmingham usually charge for laptop repair due to the complexity of the case, and there are usually only one or two laptop repair shops in the city. I’ve heard of some repair shops claiming to offer laptop repair free of charge. You need to be wary of these types of offers as they could be nothing but scams. I had to pay over the odds for my computer repair in Birmingham. laptop repair from an imac repair specialist cost me over 25 percent less than laptop repair from a laptop shop in Birmingham.

laptop repair from the laptop repair services in Birmingham included a comprehensive laptop screen replacement together with a laptop repair of the computer motherboard, and the repair of the sound card. All these repairs were carried out within a few hours. The replacement of the laptop screen was covered by the laptop insurance, which I had taken out at the same time I took out the laptop repair services. I found that I didn’t have to wait long for the laptop to be repaired because they were very quick in their service. The laptop screen replacement was carried out successfully without any further problems occurring with the screen being permanently damaged during the laptop repair.

Imac computer repair in Birmingham is offered on a 24 hour basis. I received telephone support from the laptop repair company in the event of any problem occurring with my laptop repair. I was also provided with laptop and pc repair services on a daily basis. The staff at the PC repair shop were friendly and efficient, and could provide support for any error I experienced with my computer system. PC repair services in Birmingham can also provide help with other laptop related issues such as hard disk failure, keyboard problems with the graphics.

I made sure to ask a lot of questions when it came to using their services and was impressed with their knowledge of all aspects of laptop repair. They were very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable using their services in an easy going and patient way. Their friendly staff were very helpful and always made sure that I was able to ask questions if I needed them and always gave good customer care. The staff at Alex PC repair also went out of their way to make sure my laptop was repaired in the shortest time possible.

The laptop screen replacement was completed in under two hours, and the replacement screen was also fixed in a short space of time. I would definitely recommend Alex PC repair and its staff. The laptop repair service in Birmingham is also very reliable, thanks to the friendly staff. This experience has left me confident in their service, and I will defiantly go back to them for any of my laptop related needs. If you want to experience laptop repair backed by great customer service then give Alex PC repairs a go.

You won’t be disappointed or go thirsty when it comes to laptop repair in Birmingham. The friendly staff at the place were helpful and went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of in the most efficient way possible. I will defiantly recommend this place if you are planning on travelling to Birmingham, or anywhere in the UK for that matter. If you have a laptop, and it is in need of laptop repair, I would seriously suggest going to Alex PC repair in Birmingham. This company is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and will work diligently to get your laptop working like new again.

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