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March 9, 2021
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What happened to your data? How did it get deleted? Whether you accidentally deleted a file, lost data due to a virus or lost it due to a computer crash, there is still a good chance that you can recover some of it. Just check out these 7 top tips for data recovery from a file loss or hard drive crash.

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OOPS! Did you accidentally delete a whole week’s work? Nothing to worry about, the seven free data recovery tools on this list will recover anything that has been lost or corrupted. First up is the SanDisk I Photo Recovery Pro, an excellent tool for data recovery from a minor mishap. Even if your SD card or external hard drive has suffered a minor write damage, this excellent software will still recover the majority of your lost data.

SanDisk I Recover Pro has an enhanced version of its basic software, which is included in the SanDisk I Recover Professional version. The enhanced version is able to recover data that has been deleted or accidentally removed from your computer. This excellent data recovery tool also features the “restore” function, which lets you recover files that you accidentally erased. This tool works extremely well with both micro and full sized USB flash drives and memory sticks.

Next is the RescuePRO Plus 4.2, this is yet another excellent data recovery software tool. If your external hard drive or SD card has suffered a minor write damage, this tool will help you to recover the majority of your lost data. This software is very easy to use, you simply need to plug-in the device and click the restore button. Once the restore button is pressed, you will be able to see all of your data. You can then select to either continue working with the drive, or you can choose to delete the data that you have deleted. The greatest feature about this amazing data recovery software is that it can work on Macs, PCs, plus the iPhone and iPad.

Of course there are other great pieces of software available that will help you recover your data. One such piece of software is Stellar Phoenix Recover, which allows you to do a free data recovery scan. To use this scan, all you have to do is connect the Stellar Phoenix Recover probe to your computer and then run the scan. Once the scan is complete, it will give you a list of recovered files. You can then choose to download and save the recovered files onto your computer.

The next piece of software that is excellent for recovering recovered files is PC Inspector. This piece of software is compatible with almost all operating systems, and it supports scanning all types of drives including SD cards, USB drives, and others. PC Inspector supports the most popular file recovery methods, including logical and physical disk image recovery. The best thing about PC Inspector is that it supports incremental and differential file recovery, so you can recover broken files in a matter of seconds.

If you want to know more about this amazing piece of software, my verdict is that you cannot go past PC Inspector. While I have not used it myself, it has impressed me with its ease of use and ability to quickly find the data recovery wonders that you need. You can even purchase the PC Inspector trial today and determine whether it is something that can help you or not.

If you have been struggling to find a good software program to assist you in data recovery, you should take a look at the above links. Each one of them contains an excellent review of the top products, and you can decide for yourself right off the bat which ones will work best for you. Make sure that you get an external hard drive if you are serious about data recovery. If you don’t have an external hard drive, you will still be able to get the job done. However, it will take twice as long.

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