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March 4, 2021
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Professional data recovery service is generally the procedure of recovering lost, inaccessible, corrupted or formatted data from various storage devices like Hard Disk Drives(HDD), Solid State Drives(SSD), Flash Drives, Mobile Phones, laptops, etc. The basic aim behind data recovery services is to retrieve information that has been mistakenly deleted, lost or misplaced. It may have been accidentally deleted due to a system crash, accidental damage to the storage device or some other cause. Also, it may have been deleted as a result of an unscrupulous software program installed on the computer system, to hide its true presence or because the data has been unintentionally removed by a system file cleaning application. Professional data recovery services are also required to retrieve data that is overwritten or otherwise written over by malicious software programs.

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There are many data recovery services providers who provide their services in this specialized area. Though some companies claim to provide professional services at extremely affordable prices, the fact is that no company can guarantee the retrieval of data that has been accidentally deleted or overwritten due to an unscrupulous software program. However, there are companies who offer to at least try – if not guarantee – the data recovery of deleted and overwritten data for a small fee. On the other hand, there are other companies that only offer the service for free.

There are various reasons why data loss occurs. In most cases, the users themselves are not at fault. In other cases, it may be due to physical damage to the storage media, improper handling of the data or due to software malfunctions and crashes. Most companies who provide data recovery services can recover deleted files and fix broken links. Moreover, they also recover data that has been corrupted by viruses or malware programs.

The recovery of data loss situation can be done in two ways – free version and pro version. If you look at the free version, you will realize that it is very limited in nature and provides only basic features. It does not include any advanced repair tools or features. Hence, in case of severe data loss situation, it is advisable to avail the paid version of these services.

The free versions are not user friendly and do not allow the user to recover data easily and efficiently. Hence, before you opt for a data recovery software, consider which option suits your needs the best. The top three file recovery softwares are Recover Exec, Data Rescue Pro and Advanced Data Recovery. Let us see what each one of them can do to help you out of your data loss situation.

The first feature offered by any of the above mentioned data recovery softwares is a free evaluation. This frees the users from the burden of having to pay for the full version of the software. You can download the demo and take the trial version to try it out. If you like what you see and feel comfortable with the operation, then you can go ahead and purchase the full version. At the end of the trial version, you will be given a charge policy which covers all damage and costs incurred.

Another feature offered by most of the top rated data recovery software is the ability to backup data across multiple drives. If you have multiple computers with many file servers, then you need to make use of this feature so that you can perform backup across all the servers. If you have made the mistake of installing the software on the wrong server, it could result in data loss or even data corruption.

Most of the leading data recovery companies now provide cloud computing solutions as well. This is where the company stores all the data and servers are kept in the data centers of different locations. When your computer gets infected with viruses or any malware, it is saved in a cleanroom. These cleanrooms are managed and maintained by the IT team of the company. Hence, you are assured of data safety even when you are away from your PC.

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