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USB Data Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Files From USB Drives

Data retrieval from USB devices is critical when these storage units cease to function properly for file storage. This malfunction can arise due to either physical or logical damage. Physical damage may be caused by issues such as snapped connectors or stems, defective circuits, or impaired NAND gates. Such damage can hinder the device’s capability to access data stored on the USB.

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery

iBeesoft Free USB Data Recovery is a useful tool to recover deleted files. It is free to use, and you can recover up to 2GB of data. The software has a preview feature that will show you what types of files are recoverable. It supports recovering data from hard drives, memory cards, and external hard drives. It also recovers lost files, including those deleted by ransomware.

Its advanced features include a preview feature that allows you to see whether you can recover the deleted files. The program is available for Windows, Mac, and Apple computers, and it supports more than 1000 file types. Moreover, the program has a Deep Scan feature that can recover deleted files.

The program’s speed depends on the number of file types you choose, and the size of your hard drive. Hence, it is better to scan a few file types at a time to avoid long scans. However, the program lags behind other data recovery software, and it may crash after repeated scanning.

Another great feature is its ease of use. Its interface is clean and easy to use. The user interface is easy to use, and the program does not require much space on your computer. You can navigate through the files and folders and start the scan. However, you have to buy the license code to access all the features of the program.

You can recover lost files from USB drives. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It can even recover files from dead USB drives. The software allows you to select the file types that are recoverable.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery for USB data recovery is an excellent software for recovering lost data from USB devices. It supports recovering files from a variety of formats including NTFS, FAT32, ex-FAT, and XFS. It also helps you create a bootable recovery device. In addition, it helps restore and fix damaged video files. The program can also detect unidentified RAID characteristics and initiate the data recovery process.

The Stellar Data Recovery software for USB data recovery is quick and easy to install on Windows laptops and computers. Once installed, users can easily select the type of files they want to recover. In addition, they can also choose the drive or location to recover them from. Users can also select advanced features, such as specifying file extensions and adding new file types. Depending on their data recovery needs, they can also activate safe mode and select different file recovery methods.

This software allows you to recover data from any format, even if the storage device is damaged beyond repair. It also supports lost files even on crashed operating systems. It can also create a bootable USB recovery media to access the storage device and retrieve lost data. If you have a lot of lost data, Stellar Data Recovery Professional can help you. It also includes an image repair toolkit, which repairs damaged image files.

Stellar Data Recovery for USB data recovery is an excellent software solution for users who are just getting started in the field of data recovery. Its portable, run-time environment, and user-friendly graphical interface make it a great choice for beginners. Although Stellar Data Recovery is expensive, it offers superior tools.


If you’ve deleted data from your USB drive, PhotoRec is a great choice. This program will find the data blocks and try to recover them. You can choose to only recover data that is not corrupted, or to recover all data. PhotoRec will ask you where you want to save the recovered files. After completing the first step, the program will create a directory called “Recovery.”

PhotoRec is free to download and is open source, which means that you can contribute to its development and fixes. It supports many platforms, and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you use an older version of PhotoRec, it might not work as well on your computer.

After installing PhotoRec, connect your USB drive to a computer. It will scan your data and save the recovered files in a location you specify. The program will also confirm how much data it recovered. You can then view your recovered files to confirm that they’re in the right place.

PhotoRec is a free program that works on all types of storage media. It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It also supports many file systems. It comes with two retrieval modes: Paranoid and Expert. When using this program, make sure you run the software as an administrator and select the disk you want to scan.

PhotoRec is an open source file data recovery program that’s free to download. It’s easy to use and has a text-based interface that guides you through the recovery process. The software is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which is a copyleft license. This means you can run, study, and modify the software freely.

Any Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted a file or directory on your USB drive, don’t try to save it anywhere else. This can cause your OS to remove the directory and the list of blocks containing data. Also, writing to a USB drive after losing data can overwrite blocks that contained valuable data. Hence, it is essential to eject the USB drive safely and stop using it immediately. If the drive is still in use, avoid copying remaining files to another location, as this can lead to even more data loss.

The file recovery platform is a great tool for restoring files from USB devices. It’s easy to use, and the developer provides walkthroughs online. It supports a variety of file formats, including those containing photos, music, and video files. In addition to restoring lost files, it can also repair corrupted images or video files. You’ll need two licenses to use the premium version, so make sure you have a second one.

The software lets you preview your recovered data before saving it. You can also export selected files or the entire data. The software is compatible with Windows OS versions XP, Vista, and 7. If you have accidentally deleted a USB drive, you should be able to recover the data with this freeware.

This freeware can restore files from a variety of USB storage devices. It can also transfer files from your PC to the device and recover lost files. Its speed and stability make it the best choice for recovering lost data.