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What Courses Teach Computer Or Smartphone Repair?

Should you wish to acquire skills in computer or smartphone device repair, there are several methods available. You have the option of enrolling in a trade school or community college, buying ‘boxed’ pre-made courses, or undertaking an online course independently.

These institutions usually provide classroom settings with hands-on instruction. Fees usually cover instruction, books, tools and repair parts.

What You Learn

Are you a computer repairer or want to learn more about smartphone repair? Taking such courses is an excellent way to build your portfolio of skills and add another income stream to your career. These programs cover everything you need to know.

Some courses specialize in phone repair, while others teach more general computer repair and networking techniques. Furthermore, these programs may prepare you to take industry-recognized certification exams such as CompTIA A+.

A mobile phone repair course will equip you with the knowledge to repair and service smartphones of all major brands. Upon completion, you can work as a technician in authorized service centers of renowned mobile phone manufacturers.

Another option is taking smartphone repair training online. By signing up for a course that covers the fundamentals of smartphone repairs, you’ll learn how to disassemble phones, identify their parts and use appropriate tools correctly.

You can obtain mobile repair training at a local community college or trade school. These institutions typically provide classroom settings with hands-on instruction, though some also provide online learning options.

These courses typically come at a reasonable cost and include all instruction, books, tools and practice devices necessary for successful completion.

Many of these programs also provide hands-on experience in phone repair, giving you valuable hands-on practice before taking a certification test for certification. If you’re on a tight budget, these courses may be suitable as they usually take less time than more costly community colleges or trade schools.

Additionally, some programs specialize in selling repair parts and accessories. This can be a lucrative extra source of revenue for small businesses or even as a side hustle.

Are you thinking about starting a smartphone repair business? Take advantage of free online courses to gain more knowledge about the industry and how to set up your shop. These classes will assist in finding customers, building your website, and beginning repair of mobile devices.

These courses provide instruction on repairing specific phones, such as the Samsung Captivate, Infuse and Skyrocket. You’ll also gain knowledge on the necessary tools for success along with tips for purchasing budget-friendly replacement parts and components.


For DIY enthusiasts and serious IT pros alike, learning how to repair computers and smartphones is an invaluable skill to have. Plus, it can be a lucrative side hustle where you can earn extra cash!

No matter how much care you take with your devices, they can still get damaged due to physical or virtual factors like drops and spills. And when this occurs, you may end up with a phone or tablet that’s difficult to use and in need of repair.

Repairing your smartphone is a task you can complete at home with the right tools. These include a specialized disassembly kit and software repair programs to resolve common problems such as Android and iPhone slow performance, hangs, or errors.

Before beginning to repair your device, be sure to review its warranty information and confirm there are no voids. Additionally, keep a handy phone repair guide close by in case any unexpected challenges arise.

A heat gun or hair dryer is another helpful tool to have for mobile repairs. It helps soften up the adhesive on the display, making it easier to pry open the screen.

If you don’t already own one, iFixit offers a battery replacement kit with this tool included. However, you can also make your own by heating a sock in the microwave or using an inexpensive rice bag that has been heated in the oven.

An opening pick is an essential tool for opening any device stuck with adhesive. They come in blunt, pointed, or angled versions and can be particularly helpful when trying to open phones and tablets with glass screens which may be difficult to pry open.

For any repair project, having the correct screwdriver bits is essential. iFixit Precision 4 mm set makes it easy to screw together all your favorite electronics with precision and ease.

This set includes four different extractor tool sizes (1.1mm to 2.0mm) as well as a driver head claw-shaped for maximum grip. All this comes complete with an aluminum handle for stability, making these the must-have pieces in any DIYer’s toolbox.


Troubleshooting is the process of figuring out what’s causing a computer or laptop issue, whether it be software, hardware or something else entirely. With some effort and time put in, troubleshooting can be an effective way to identify what’s wrong with your device and get it up and running again.

Troubleshooting a problem can be tricky, so it’s essential to start by understanding what caused the issue and what can be done about it. If you’re uncertain, try replicating the error with another computer or asking friends or coworkers for tips on identifying it.

A great source for troubleshooting tips is your computer or smartphone’s technical manual. This manual typically lists common issues and provides solutions. Some manuals even include step-by-step instructions to follow for resolving the issue quickly and correctly.

If your computer or smartphone isn’t functioning optimally, it can be a frustrating experience. Not only does this slow down your workflow and take up much of your time, but there are ways to troubleshoot the device and fix any issues that arise. Knowing how to troubleshoot these devices correctly is essential for anyone wanting to fix these issues quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, troubleshooting can be intimidating for those without much tech expertise. That is why it’s always best to enlist the assistance of an experienced technician or computer repair service.

To make the troubleshooting process simpler, create a checklist of steps you must complete. Doing this can save time and prevent you from repeating errors.

Once you’ve finished troubleshooting, it is critical to document your progress. Doing this allows for tracking what steps were taken and which didn’t work. Additionally, other troubleshooters can gain insight into your process so they don’t make repeat errors or mistakes.

A study on consumer privacy in the electronics repair industry has revealed that service providers often request customers’ device access credentials even when they’re not necessary for a particular repair. This poses an increased security risk to customers with sensitive personal data. Therefore, selecting a company with strong policies on data collection and controls in place to protect customer privacy is essential.


Many people have an affinity for gadgets and want to learn how to repair them. This could be a lucrative side hustle or even lead to the launch of your own business venture. There are numerous courses available, including online classes, community colleges and trade schools.

Before becoming a cell phone or computer repair technician, you must consider how much training and certification you will need. Most courses provide both hardware and software skills along with knowledge on using specialized tools for troubleshooting issues.

Cell phone repair courses can be found at most local community colleges and trade schools, though quality, duration and pricing may vary. Some courses are self-paced and teach only the fundamentals, while others prepare you for industry-recognized certifications.

Another option is to get hands-on training at a nearby cell phone shop or store. These stores typically provide various mobile repair services, such as screen replacements and LCD repairs, at reasonable costs.

Smartphone or tablet screens can become unresponsive if they break or get scratched, or the device loses the ability to power on. Knowing how to repair these problems is essential so that your device is back up and running efficiently.

In addition to screen repair, you might need to learn how to replace the speaker or microphone on your phone. These components can break and cause sound issues, making it difficult for you to make calls.

Cell phones often feature glass covering on the back that can crack or break. With proper tools and experience, these repairs are relatively straightforward.

If you don’t possess any of the necessary tools, YouTube repair videos and inexpensive smartphone kits can be purchased. These packages typically include a repair manual, toolkit and instructional video are ideal solutions.

You can get hands-on training at a mobile phone repair shop, though the costs tend to be higher. These shops typically stock an extensive range of smartphones and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy or iPhone models and have experienced technicians who can fix any issue you have with your gadget.