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What Enhances FPS on Budget PCs?

Did you know that there are simple and cost-effective ways to improve your budget PC's FPS for better gaming performance? By focusing on optimizing settings, updating drivers, and making strategic adjustments, you can enhance performance without spending a lot of money.

From maximizing your current hardware to fine-tuning software configurations, there are key factors that can significantly improve your gaming experience. If you're a budget-conscious gamer, you can elevate your gameplay without breaking the bank and enjoy smoother, more immersive experiences on your budget PC.

Key Takeaways

To enhance FPS on your budget PC, optimize the resolution and video settings, keep your graphics card drivers up to date, uninstall unused programs, improve your Wi-Fi connection, and adjust your monitor's refresh rate. These simple adjustments can boost your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

By following these strategies, you can unleash the full potential of your system and enjoy smoother gameplay with higher frame rates. Upgrade your gaming setup affordably with these effective solutions tailored for budget-conscious gamers.

Low Resolution and Video Settings

low quality video streaming

Lowering the resolution and adjusting video settings to lower levels can significantly boost FPS performance on budget PCs. When aiming for optimal performance, consider reducing the resolution to 720p or lower. This change can have a significant impact on frame rates, especially on less powerful hardware. Additionally, tweaking video settings to low or medium can lessen the strain on the GPU, resulting in smoother gameplay. Performance tests often demonstrate the advantages of these adjustments, showing an increase in FPS compared to higher resolutions and settings.

To further enhance performance, turning off resource-intensive features like anti-aliasing, shadows, and reflections can offer a noticeable increase in frame rates. Experimenting with different combinations of settings is essential to find the right balance between visual quality and performance. Lowering draw distances and texture qualities can also help maintain a consistent FPS rate on budget systems.

Paying attention to these adjustments can make a significant difference when aiming for an optimal gaming experience on a budget PC. These optimizations can be particularly beneficial when paired with suitable gaming peripherals to improve overall gameplay.

Graphics Card Driver Updates

Updating your graphics card drivers regularly is essential for optimizing performance and enhancing FPS on budget PCs. Driver updates play a vital role in ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Improved Performance: Updating your graphics card drivers can lead to better performance by fixing bugs and improving compatibility with new games.
  • Enhanced Stability: Driver updates often include optimizations that not only boost FPS but also enhance system stability on budget PCs.
  • Addressing Performance Issues: Manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD release driver updates to tackle performance issues that may be affecting your gaming experience.
  • Simple and Cost-Effective: Keeping your graphics card drivers up to date is a straightforward and cost-effective way to enhance FPS on budget PCs, guaranteeing you the best gaming experience possible.

Regularly checking for and installing the latest driver updates can make a noticeable difference in your system's performance and overall gaming experience.

Removal of Unused Programs

eliminating unnecessary software clutter

To boost the performance of your budget PC and improve FPS, consider uninstalling unused programs to free up system resources. Removing unnecessary software can significantly enhance overall system efficiency by reducing background processes that may impact gaming on budget PCs.

Unused programs running in the background consume CPU and RAM, directly affecting FPS in games. Regularly cleaning up and uninstalling unnecessary applications can optimize system resources for better gaming performance.

Clearing cache files and optimizing startup programs can further improve the efficiency of your budget PC, allowing it to allocate resources more effectively for higher FPS in games. Removing bloatware and unnecessary software is essential to ensure smooth operation and maximize gaming potential on a budget PC.

Declutter your system by focusing on essential programs to create an environment that prioritizes gaming performance.

Boosting Wi-Fi Connection

To enhance your budget PC for smoother online gaming experiences, improving the Wi-Fi connection is vital to reduce latency and ensure stable gameplay performance. Boost your Wi-Fi connection with these tips:

  • Upgrade to a dual-band Wi-Fi adaptor: Reduce network congestion and improve signal strength for a better gaming experience.
  • Strategically position your Wi-Fi router: Move it closer to your PC or use a Wi-Fi range extender to enhance signal reception and reduce latency during gaming sessions.
  • Keep Wi-Fi drivers and firmware up to date: Address compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and performance optimizations for a more stable connection.
  • Use Quality of Service (QoS) settings: Prioritize gaming traffic over other devices on the network with QoS settings on your router to reduce lag and improve your gaming experience.

Monitor Refresh Rate Adjustment

optimizing screen display quality

Adjusting your monitor's refresh rate to match the FPS output is vital for optimizing your gaming experience on a budget PC. Synchronizing the refresh rate with the frame rate helps reduce screen tearing and provides a smoother gameplay experience. Lowering the monitor's refresh rate to a multiple of the FPS, like setting it to 60Hz for 30 FPS, can improve frame delivery and enhance visual consistency.

Higher refresh rates, such as 144Hz, offer better motion fluidity, especially useful for fast-paced gaming. Choosing the nearest available refresh rate option on budget monitors to align with the FPS output is crucial when options are limited. This synchronization not only prevents stuttering but also enhances the overall gaming performance on a budget PC.

For enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming experience further, exploring overclocking benefits and ensuring Freesync compatibility can offer additional advantages. Implementing frame pacing techniques alongside refresh rate adjustments can lead to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Increases FPS the Most in a Pc?

To significantly boost FPS on a PC, it's essential to optimize the GPU and CPU by taking advantage of overclocking benefits. This process, along with implementing effective cooling solutions, not only enhances performance but also helps prevent thermal throttling. As a result, smoother gameplay and higher FPS can be achieved.

Does RAM Increase Fps?

Boosting your PC's RAM speed and exploring overclocking possibilities can help improve FPS on budget systems. These optimizations enable faster data processing, enhancing gaming performance significantly. It's worth experimenting with these settings to maximize your system's capabilities and FPS output.

Does GPU Improve Fps?

Upgrading the GPU on a budget PC can greatly boost FPS in games. A more powerful GPU can handle higher resolutions and effects, resulting in smoother gameplay. Consider mid-range GPUs like the GTX 1650 or RX 570 for the best performance.

Will a CPU Increase My Fps?

Upgrading your CPU can have a significant impact on FPS for budget PCs. Faster processing speeds and reduced bottlenecking can lead to smoother gameplay. Additionally, overclocking can further improve performance. It is advisable to consider CPUs with higher clock speeds and more cores for better gaming results.


To boost FPS on your budget PC, optimize resolution and video settings, regularly update your graphics card drivers, uninstall unused programs, enhance your Wi-Fi connection, and adjust your monitor's refresh rate. These simple tweaks can improve your gaming experience without straining your wallet.

By implementing these strategies, you can unlock your system's full potential and enjoy smoother gameplay with higher frame rates. Upgrade your gaming setup affordably with these effective solutions tailored for budget-conscious gamers.