What Is Startup Repair In Computer – Learn How To Fix Your Slow PC After It Has Stopped Running

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April 25, 2021
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The term “startup repair” is a broad term that is used in IT circles and more specifically in the computer industry. Many people often misconstrue this term as meaning “repair your computer before you start using it”. This is not the case. Startup repair simply means software or hardware that enables your PC to boot up (the process after you turn it on), so that you can use your computer.

A lot of people don’t have any idea how this process works – or why it is important. You see, most PC’s – unless they’ve been totally restored from their discs – boot up in the same way each time. Hardware, software, drivers and settings are all passed through a series of checkpoints that are checked before being able to run. So if something were to go wrong in the middle of the boot process, the operating system would basically stop everything and restart. This is what is called “non-responsive startup” and can be a huge issue if you’re not in a position to correctly restart your machine.

Non-responsive startup is often caused by badly written software. This software either doesn’t understand where to tell the CPU to load in order to get things to run properly, or it has corrupt / damaged files that prevent the communication between the software and your CPU. This makes your PC take longer to respond to commands and also slows down performance. In addition, there might be some other reasons – like, maybe your hard drive’s read / write speeds are really slow, which can be resolved with a simple disk defragmentation.

Other problems include software incompatibility. This can be a problem with any sort of application – whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux. In fact, some of the largest companies in the world use Linux – because of its compatibility requirements. Whatever the case, incompatibility can be easily solved by downloading a program like RegCure, which can check and remove various problematic files.

Another potential source of non-responsive startup is your machine’s registry. Your registry is basically like the central telephone directory for your PC. Every time you use your PC, it has to read 100’s of settings from the registry to help it ‘remember’ things. Unfortunately, the problem is that your PC gets confused by the large number of files it has to process, making it confused and making it save many of these files in the wrong way… causing your PC to take much longer to read them, slowing things down and causing errors. To fix this problem, you can download software called “Registry Cleaner” onto your PC and clean out all the corrupt settings inside. It will basically scan through your computer and fix any of the issues that are in there.

The last potential cause of non-responsive startup is a virus. You should always make sure your PC is virus free – but if it’s not, don’t worry. A lot of people’s PCs are found to be infected with malicious viruses that cause a lot of problems on their computers. You can actually use “Malware Doctor” to clean out any of these infections and stop your PC from running slow. Just download this software and it will scan your PC for free. It will also provide you with a detailed list of all the infected settings that you need to fix, which will ensure your machine is running as smoothly and effectively as possible again.

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