What is the Microsoft Garage?

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What-is-the-Microsoft-Garage jpg


Have you ever wondered where some of the ideas for Microsoft programs come from? You know, the apps that are on the cutting edge. There is good chance they started out in the Microsoft Garage.

What is the Microsoft Garage?

The Microsoft Garage is a platform for Microsoft employees to explore new technologies and get their ideas moving in the right direction. Some of the projects succeed and some fail. But one thing is for sure, they are some of the coolest apps around.

First thing you should know is all of the projects are called experiments and are run by one or more Microsoft employees in their spare time. Some are open to the general public and some are by invitation only.

You have to remember that these experiments are strictly just beta tests. Once an experiment is complete, you can no longer download it. But it is a great opportunity to give a developer or team of developers a helping hand with some valuable feedback.

Now the experiments in the Microsoft Garage are not strictly for Windows. There are projects for all different platforms: iOS, Android, Xbox and of course, Windows.

And what is really cool is that Microsoft has even built several facilities at some of their development centers around the world just for the Garage developer teams. Microsoft evens holds special events to help these developers explore new technologies.

Some of the active experiments in the Microsoft Garage include Mouse Without Borders, a Windows based program that allows you to control up to four (4) computers from one keyboard and mouse.

And there is Face Swap for Android and iOS devices that, as the name implies, allows you to take a photo of your face and apply it to another photo.

Also noteworthy is the What Dog experiment, that as the name implies, tells you what breed a dog is. Just take a picture of a dog and What Dog will identify the breed.

So, if you would like to help in the development of some really cool apps, take a look inside the Microsoft Garage. You might be surprised by what you find.

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