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Where to Find a Computer Components Shop

If you are in need of new PC parts or upgrading your hardware, there is a wide range of options for purchasing them. Staples, Micro Center, Instacart, and Newegg are just a few of the places where you can find computer components. For a convenient and speedy experience, Instacart offers contactless delivery and same-day pick-up services. In case you encounter any difficulties, please inform us with the error message: “Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.”


The computer components shop at Staples offers a wide variety of computer equipment, from graphics cards to sound cards. Memory and processors are also available. Each component performs a different function, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. For example, if you frequently watch movies and use photo editing software, you might need an updated graphics card. You might also need extra computer memory to perform multiple tasks.

Old computers, printers and electronics can be recycled at Staples for free. Many models are accepted, and the service is free. You can also get £2 for each cartridge you recycle. Staples also recycles many types of peripherals, including cordless phones and wireless routers. See their list of accepted items for further information.

There are also deals in Staples stores and on their website. You can find deals for a wide variety of must-have items, including printers, scanners, and streaming devices. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a gift for a tech-savvy colleague, you’ll be able to save big with a Staples deal.

The company also recycles office technology. In fact, Staples is the first national retailer to offer such a service. Customers can bring their old office equipment to Staples and have it recycled according to environmental laws. All brands are accepted, as long as it’s still in good condition. Large items like televisions and floor-model photocopiers cannot be accepted.


If you’re looking for computer components, Newegg is the place to go. Its website is available in several countries, including the U.S., so you can find components there that are shipped to your home. Its forums have plenty of information, and the company’s customer service is excellent. Newegg is also involved in various other endeavors. It sponsors gaming tournaments, including Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, and Rome: Total War. In addition, Newegg also operates two YouTube channels, Newegg TV and Newegg Products. These channels feature unboxing videos, product reviews, and first impressions of upcoming products.

The Newegg website has all of the components you need to build a computer, and the prices are competitive. Shipping is fast, and the website offers comparison tools to help you select the right components. In addition, you can take advantage of sales and discounts during holidays. Newegg has over 10.5 million products available for purchase.

Micro Center

Micro Center is an electronics retailer that sells a variety of computer components and peripherals. It also carries products for gaming systems, TVs, home theater electronics, and other devices. In addition, the store offers repair services for PCs and cell phones. There are 120 locations across the United States. Micro Center plans to close up to 50% of these locations to focus on the most profitable locations and improve efficiency.

Nestor is a native of Houston, Texas and joined Micro Center’s leadership team in early 2019. He has almost two decades of experience in the consumer electronics industry and is an expert in the Houston market. His leadership has led to promotions such as General Manager. He takes pride in the high level of customer service that he and his staff provide. He asks customers for their feedback and uses that information to make improvements to the store’s service.

While Micro Center is a well-known name in the computer world, it’s not the only place where you can purchase computer parts. It also offers computer repair services and has an online store. The online store is easy to use and has a convenient search locator. You can also view reviews about the product to make sure it’s worth the price.

Micro Center’s retail stores sell computer components, software, and peripherals. Its stores are located in various cities around the United States. In addition to its Chicago location, Micro Center also operates stores in New Jersey and Westbury, New York.


If you’re looking for computer parts and accessories, Instacart is the place to go. This website has partnered with national and local retailers to offer on-demand, contactless delivery and pickup in two hours or less. The process is easy and the website’s helpful customer service makes it easy to buy exactly what you need.

The company has expanded over the past two years and recently announced a partnership with Kroger. It has also teamed up with several retailers, including Walmart. Another unique partnership is with Walmart, which recently announced an alliance with Instacart. As the company continues to grow and expand, the company is exploring ways to better serve customers.


If you’re not a huge fan of eBay, there are other places you can sell your computer parts. SellMyPC is one such website that accepts various computer parts. Once you submit your computer parts, it provides you with an instant quote and prepaid shipping label. This way, you can sell your used parts and get cash for them. Other options include direct website sales and marketplace sales. Alternatively, you can sell your computer parts and sell them for cash on your own website.

eBay is a very moderated platform, and it’s essential that you have at least a 50-day-old account and 100 comment karma. It’s also a good idea to keep a manual log of the part numbers and model numbers of your items, and to check the recent sales for similar parts. You can also compare prices by comparing different used parts.

eBay fees for computer parts can add up if you sell them in bulk. However, you can also sell your used computer parts on Craigslist, which still works well if you don’t want to worry about eBay fees. You can set up a quick profile and list your computer parts for sale in your area.

Another alternative to selling used computer parts on eBay is to use the Amazon trade in program. This program has a two-day turnaround time, and it’s easy to find a product you want to sell. This method has the same risks and benefits of eBay but comes with more advantages. The downside of this method is that it requires more time and attention. You need to communicate with customers, fulfill orders, and cover shipping costs.

Another good option is to buy used computer parts from local businesses. The prices may be lower, but the shipping costs can easily add £10 or more. If you’re a person who doesn’t want to invest money in eBay, buying from a local business may be a better option.