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Which is the Best Free Recovery Software?

Many individuals unfortunately experience data loss, and losing valuable files can be distressing. Luckily, there are numerous no-cost recovery software options accessible that can assist you in retrieving your lost data.

Finding the ideal one can be daunting with so many choices available. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down the choices to a few that offer excellent value for money.


TestDisk is a free data recovery software that can be used to recover lost partitions and files on hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and virtual disk images. It features both an easy-to-use wizard mode for beginners as well as an expert mode for more experienced users. Furthermore, TestDisk supports multiple languages.

First, launch TestDisk and choose either to create a new log file, append to an existing log, or skip the log process (Figure A). You also have the option of scanning for data or not (Figure B). After scanning has completed, you will be asked to select a partition table type from among available choices – this is essential as it determines how the program functions.

Next, choose the drive where you wish to recover the lost partition. This may be the same drive that was scanned in Step 2 or a different one altogether. After selecting a partition, use arrow keys and enter to search its contents.

Once you’ve located the missing partition, selecting “Analyze” allows TestDisk to recognize it and display it on your screen.

Once selected, TestDisk will copy the recovered files to that chosen destination folder.

Another impressive feature is the ability to create an image of your lost partition, which can be used for recreating it on another device. This is especially helpful if you’re recovering data from a damaged or broken partition.

Recovering files by restoring their file system references is another possibility. This feature can be especially beneficial if you need to get data back after a hard drive crash or formatting.

However, it’s essential to remember that TestDisk only functions with file systems. If you require a tool which can recover deleted or permanently formatted files, CleverFiles’ Disk Drill or EaseUS’ Data Recovery Wizard would be more suitable.


PhotoRec is an open source data recovery program that works across various file systems and devices. Its primary goal is to recover files that have been accidentally deleted or damaged, and it does a good job at doing so.

File recovery software like Recuva can recover a variety of file types, including pictures. It comes in both command-line and graphical versions; the latter works with an easy wizard that guides you through identifying your storage device and selecting suitable scanning methods. Furthermore, it offers additional features like saving recovered files to a designated directory.

The command-line version, however, presents a more challenging setup. You must specify the file system of each storage device you wish to recover files from and it does not automatically refresh its list when adding or removing devices.

If you’re searching for a tool with an improved user interface, other options might be more suitable. There are plenty of high-quality yet straightforward alternatives that come with polished visual user interfaces and additional features like file previews or thumbnail previews.

However, some users may prefer a program that doesn’t necessitate knowing how to use a command-line interface. PhotoRec is an ideal option for this group of individuals due to its straightforward user interface that’s simple even for tech novices to understand and utilize, plus the software is free of charge.

Once you’ve identified the drive containing your lost files, PhotoRec will perform a deep signature scan of that drive to detect damaged file systems and other errors. The data is scanned sector by sector and each block checked against an included signature database for reliable recovery of your lost documents. Although this process can take some time, it’s well worth waiting if you need reliable retrieval of those critical documents.

This application can recover lost files from a variety of storage devices, including optical media and memory cards. Furthermore, its versatility is unmatched as it supports various operating systems.


Recuva is a data recovery software designed to recover deleted files from hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks and other rewriteable media such as photos, music, documents and videos. It’s free and has an intuitive user-interface which makes recovering files quick and straightforward.

Recuva strives to make the process of recovering deleted files as effortless and user-friendly as possible. It scans your hard drive for deleted items and displays a list of recoverable ones; you can choose whether to scan all items or just specific types such as pictures, videos or emails.

After running a quick scan, Recuva presents a list of recoverable files with their names, locations and other pertinent details. This includes file size, last modification date and whether or not it can be recovered.

Its ability to locate deleted documents, such as DOC, DOCX, ODS, PDF and PPT was generally good; however it could not recover most video formats like MOV or AVI. Furthermore, there was a high percentage of errors and difficulty recovering file structures.

If you need a more comprehensive solution that can recover deleted files from virtually any rewriteable storage device, another program might be worth considering. There are various alternatives to choose from and each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Piriform Software has always been known for producing quality tools at a reasonable cost, and Recuva lives up to this reputation. You can get started with Recuva free of charge via download, with professional license that renews annually, or opt for the portable version which can be booted from your USB drive for on-the-go recovery.

Recuva’s main advantage is its portability, which enables it to recover files from your hard drive without needing extra software. This means you can take it wherever life takes you and rest assured that your data will remain safe.

Recuva offers the ability to secure deleted files, making it a vital feature for businesses that don’t want sensitive information restored after deletion. Plus, its military-standard secure overwrite capabilities make it difficult for users to recover deleted data with other programs.


Acronis is one of the leading data recovery software programs. It boasts an intuitive user interface and comprehensive feature set that enable users to save data locally or online.

Its primary function is to help users back up their computers and protect them from various threats such as hardware failure, malware attacks, and power outages. Furthermore, it provides a range of tools for recovering lost files so they don’t get damaged in any way.

This software is user-friendly and compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, making it the perfect backup solution for all types of data – including photos/videos, system settings, applications, and more.

Acronis can clone your hard drive and create a duplicate copy, enabling you to quickly migrate your data to another machine in case of damage or loss. Plus, it encrypts backups so that only you have access to them.

You can set up an automated backup schedule that will periodically back up your files for you. This is especially beneficial if you handle highly classified or sensitive information.

Another advantage of Acronis is its cloud backup capability, which secures files and documents against viruses or other intrusions. This is an essential feature for business owners since it keeps their information safe from potential breaches or attacks.

It also features an anti-malware feature that can detect and delete viruses and other malicious files. Furthermore, it safeguards your data against ransomware attacks and cryptojackers.

Acronis is available both as a standalone and server version. If you have multiple computers to protect, the latter is highly recommended.

The program also features a bootable media builder that lets you restore your computer from USB flash drives. The tool is user-friendly and comes with an informative user guide.

Acronis’ product is an ideal solution for both home and business users alike, providing a fast, efficient, and secure backup solution. With its security features, Acronis ensures no malware or spyware can access your files; in fact, it even shields them from other users’ devices.