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* Depending of the number of booked customers or the severity of the problem. Also it can take longer if the part to be replaced needs to be ordered.

Need a Computer fix or Laptop Repair ?

Whether a laptop, desktop or netbook, I assess your computer's problem and then repair it. It doesn’t matter if it is a hardware or software problem, I will find the root cause and offer you the very best, most cost-effective solution. I deal with all sorts of IT hardware: laptops, printers, routers, WiFi equipment and network equipment all of which I can diagnose and repair wherever possible.
If you are looking for a fast and efficient & reasonably priced pc & laptop repairs specialist, then you are in the right place. If you are looking for a desktop computer repairing and upgrading service (don't be a fool, I offer laptop repair and computer services as well) and stumbled upon my online reviews I think you can rest assured you will get a great and professional deal. If you are looking for mac repairs, you should know that the apple mac specialist I work with is in London and you can contact Raz for Apple screen repair, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook or any apple mac repair.

Laptop Repair

  • Laptop Power Jack repair
  • Laptop Virus, Malware, Spyware, Worm, Trojan Removals Pop-Ups
  • Laptop Screen Repairs / Replacement
  • Laptop Hinges, Bezel, Trackpad, Keyboard Repair
  • Laptop Liquid Damage / Spillage
  • Laptop Motherboard and Power / DC Jack Repair
  • Laptop Professional Cleaning
  • Laptop Network Setup
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Software Repair


  • Hardware Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Software Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Improving Computer's Speed and Performance
  • Desktop Windows (OS) Reinstallation
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware, Trojan, Worm Removals
  • Hard Drive & Memory Upgrade
  • Broadband and Wireless Installation
  • Internal and External Cleaning
  • Motherboard and Power Supply Unit (PSU) Replacement
  • All In One Desktop / Repairs


  • Recovery & Backup Solutions
  • Data Transfer Recovery of Lost Data / Files / Pictures
  • Outlook emails Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Mobile Device Recovery
  • Flash Drive Recovery
  • SSD Recovery
  • Notebook Recovery
  • Data Erase from unused Hard Drives
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Virus Removal

  • Virus cleaning / removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Malware removal
  • Spam removal
  • Trojan Horse removal
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Parental Control & Security Suites

IT issues ? See how I can help !

Maintenance - don't ignore overheating equipment!

The greatest threat for your laptop, except for your coffee, is overheating. It can cause hardware failure and permanent damage. Overheating in laptops is pretty common; sometimes aging laptops may be overheating due to internal hardware problems that most people may not be able to fix. However, the most common type of overheating is caused by lack of adequate airflow caused by dust & lint buildup and thermal paste drying out. Improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your computer with a regular internal maintenance.

Setup / Installation / Maintenance

I will turn your computer into the most efficient machine it can be by solving software conflicts, cleaning up files, and eliminating programs that drag down your computer’s operating efficiency. I’ll transfer data, set up your system software and hardware, get you connected to the internet, or just help you understand the various features of your new system, all in the comfort and ease of your home.

Recover deleted files or damaged drives

The Recovery Service starts from as little as £50 for basic recovery package. Recovery can be performed on Internal and external Hard Drives, laptop drives, SATA and IDE, USB Pen Drives, memory cards and camera media cards. Rest assured that all work undertaken involving personal data will be handled with complete confidentiality.

There are situations where the chance of data recovery is greatly reduced, that's why this service will never be guaranteed no matter the situation. I only know what data can be recovered once I try.

Virus and malware cleaning

If you have been infected with a virus or harmful spyware and malware, I can remove it. It could be a Trojan, rootkit, heuristic, backdoor or worm virus that’s infected your computer, or your web browser or desktop has been hijacked. Common signs of virus infection are system freezes and program crashes, web pages redirecting, windows functions stop working and more and more commonly, a fake / rogue anti-virus scan running on start up. I’ve seen them all and removed them all. Once removed, our service will also repair any damage to the OS, caused by the virus.

3 main reasons to choose me

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Azariah Israel

I have been having an awful lot of trouble with my IT equipment and felt really let down by poor service from those who were supposed to offer a professional service. That was until I came across Vlad, Dr IT himself. Vlad is a thorough professional yet easy going person. He is sound in knowledge and offers a very quick service, no blagging, just gets straight to the point. So grateful I found him and I highly recommend him to anyone. Well done Vlad and keep up the good work.

Brona Pentall

Great service from Vlad. He fixed my son's pc in a day, a problem with the graphics card caused by overheating. Very pleasant and professional, he took the time to explain the problem and how he had fixed it. Very reasonable price too. Would definitely recommend.

alice lover

I would highly recommend Vlad. He was very helpful and informative over the phone when giving me advice on how to fix our laptop. We ended up taking the laptop to him where he was very friendly and patient while we explained the problem. He was quick to find a solution and got the laptop working again. Great value for money and high quality service. Thanks Vlad!

Stuart Hall

Had a hard drive fail on me, so took it round to Vlad to see if he could help. He diagnosed the issue, but it wasn't something he could fix in house, so he gave me the option of a couple of data recovery labs that he uses. He sent it off for me and within a couple of weeks I had a replacement drive with all my recovered data. Very happy with his service and he definitely get's a big thumbs up from me.

matt2cool4sk00l .

I also had a hard drive fail on me, so took it to Dr IT Services to see if I could get several years worth of vital files recovered. When I went round I was greeted by Vlad who was extremely welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable and explained what my options could be. He took my hard drive to carry out initial investigations and the next day informed me that he had diagnosed the issue, but it was something that would have to rectified by a data recovery lab. He fully explained everything: pricing, timescales, sent it off for me and kept me up-to-date and informed me of their findings. I had a replacement drive with all my recovered files back within 10 days, which over a busy Christmas period, was very impressive. Vlad was excellent, warm, friendly, professional and provided informative, courteous updates and communication throughout the whole process. I couldn't be happier with the outcome or with the wonderful customer service that I received with Vlad and Dr IT Services. Superb service, I would highly recommend! Thank you very much indeed!

Tracy Miah

Needed a laptop screen replacement and found Vlad online. He was swift and professional with both his responses to my emails and also the service he gave. He was priced very reasonably compared to other quotes I was given. I would definitely take a laptop to him again if I were to need IT services and would recommend him to others.

Andy Hilton

Great service, fast, honest. Will definitely use again.

Jonathan Stone

Incredibly fast diagnosis and repairs, and very friendly and helpful too! Can absolutely recommend for any IT issues in the Birmingham area!

Zofia Lewandowska

Really good and honest service. My laptop was fixed the same day and he even installed antivirus software for me. Would definitely recommend 5*. Thank you

arma m

Perfect service! Great value for money! Diagnosed and fixed my laptop. Friendly service. Highly recommend.

Mohammed Jubier

Really nice guy, saved and recovered my 1TB hardrive and all the files in it, very very good price compared to the big companies and would recommend all day long!!